Principle for the use of foreign pictures or descriptions in guest articles

Status: 01.03.2021

It is prohibited to use copyrighted material at (called the Website) without the permission of the author. The creator of the guest article assumes full liability. In the case of a warning the Eebsite will take legal advice and direct the full costs to the creator.
The adoption of images from sources on the Internet without the consent of the copyright holder is usually a copyright infringement.
Please use only images that you have created yourself or images for which you have received permission.


The Website checks all pictures of the guest articles very carefully. However, it may happen occasionally that industrial property rights (e.g. patents, trademarks), copyrights and ancillary copyrights or other intangible rights are violated by advertisements on the Website . The Website has the greatest interest in preventing such infringements.
The Website is not responsible for the content of its guest articles, so owners of rights must always contact the provider for any action beyond the removal of the guest article.

Report member. who has used your pictures

If you are sure that a guest article has taken over your images, we recommend that you contact this member and ask them to remove the images from the offer. If the creator does not comply with your request, please contact the Website


Using images in a blog without permission is ethically and legally problematic. It violates the creator’s intellectual property rights, undermining their effort and investment. This can lead to financial liabilities and damage your professional integrity. There are legal alternatives like stock photos or creative commons licenses that should always be used to ensure proper attribution and respect for content creators.

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