It is already in the name of the “Shopware” software. This is one of the best-known shop systems for setting up an online shop. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about this program, you’ve come to the right place.

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What do I need a shop system for?

If you want to sell their own or external products online , a website with an integrated online shop is usually part of the basic equipment. In order for your company to run smoothly, it is important to build on suitable software, a so-called shop system. The shop system regulates everything in the background of your website, from the presentation of your products, through the order and contract processing, to the sale and payment process. So it is of great importance for the success of your shop to decide on the individually correct shop system.

Shopware – you have to know that

Shopware is software from a German company that was created in 2004. The program has already booked more than 18,000 installations, not least thanks to its more than 600 certified partners. Shopware offers its over 1,000 extensions in four possible versions, including free versions. In addition to the Community and the Professional Edition, customers can also purchase an Enterprise Basic or Premium version.


Shopware offers its use various advantages. The browser-based software is easy to use and maintain. In particular, the self-explanatory back end and various pre-installed templates make the program easy to use even for beginners without programming knowledge. The large range of functions with individually configurable options makes the software the right model for every company size. The high scalability and quality made in Germany also contribute to the positive appearance of this shop system.


Unfortunately, Shopware also suffers from some weaknesses. A special server is required for use and an installation cannot be carried out without a certain amount of expertise. Furthermore, distributing important functions to extended versions of the system involves a large cost factor. The few available purchase templates and expensive plug-ins make the shop system only attractive for users with a high budget.

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