A question that comes up again and again is: “When is it worthwhile to monetize my website with AdSense?” The answer cannot be given in such a general way, but whether it is worth it depends crucially on the following three factors.

When do you start using AdSense? The following factors decide!

Factor 1: traffic

Traffic, i.e. the daily, weekly or monthly page views of your web project, are probably the most decisive factor in assessing when AdSense is the appropriate monetization measure for your website. No matter how much money to pro Click Earning on one of the Google ads: The more traffic, the more people will click on these ads.

Factor 2: the cost-per-click (CPC)

There are websites that generate more AdSense sales with 10,000 page views per month than projects with 5 times as much traffic. But why is that? Quite simply: On the one hand, it depends on how high the remuneration per click is. This differs depending on the topic, as the ads are placed based on the interests and search queries of your visitors, as well as the website topic. The advertisers who, with Google AdWords, are, so to speak, exactly on the opposite side of AdSense, set a CPC for their ads. So it can be that some clicks are remunerated with just 8 cents, but a click on another advertisement with a whopping 2 euros. Specifically: If you take these values as a basis, visitors would have to click 25 times on the poorly paid ad until you convert the 2 euros that you earn with a single click on the AdSense ad with better CPC.

Factor 3: Placement of the AdSense ads

Furthermore, the placement of the AdSense banner is very important. This determines the click rate (number of clicks on advertisements) and thus also how much money you earn with AdSense. One indicator is the so-called RPM (Revenue-per-mille). Google links the page views and the click rate and thus calculates an approximate return per 1,000 page views. The higher this is, the more sales you generate. When placing the AdSense ads, make sure that they do not disrupt the text flow, do not negatively affect the overview of your site, but still encourage site visitors to click.

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