Would you like to build a niche website or run an extensive online startup? You just ask yourself: How exactly do I proceed? Using the example of theoretical and practical examples from Projektify, we want to show you how to best proceed when setting up your web project.

The startup idea

In the first step, of course, you need a concrete idea. For example, just pick up a good glass of red wine, sit down in your favorite armchair and start thinking. In order to get good ideas, you can simply take a look around your environment: What is currently bothering you or what things are you currently missing in your environment?

It is important that your idea is not too big at the beginning and ideally covers a small niche. There you have less competition, you can quickly get customers and first successes as well as the important keywords on Google and with a little luck even to the right domain. Projektify.de was still free at the time and we had the idea after selling our first one Startups , because we noticed that there is no really good platform for small and medium-sized startups and web projects.

Nischenseite aufbauen startupidee
Business models should answer 4 questions (own presentation)

Define requirements and build up a niche

Now you have a great startup idea and want to build a niche site. First you have to collect requirements and record them in a specification sheet. These usually lead to a profitable product, market success and thus also customer satisfaction.

At Projektify, in a first session with a lot of beer from the Franconian region;) a 3-page document stating what Projektify’s mission is and what we want as functions for the platform. We also thought for a long time, what can a USP currently do and what are so-called WOW factors for this platform?

The extension: LeanStartup

Of course, the process is not as linear as described here. You also have to expect setbacks or dry spells. Also, not all requirements will be immediately clear to you at the beginning. So you have to optimize your site every now and then and turn your business model. In the beginning we had a lot of different functions and we looked to see which ones were used. In content marketing, we also take a close look at which blog articles are clicked often and then write in-depth articles on them. It is therefore a matter of constantly setting up theses, measuring them with numbers and learning from them.


Always good: the canvas business model

The business model canvas has become the means of choice to visualize the business model and a startup idea. The Business Model Canvas helps to bring all essential elements of a successful business model into an overview. You can also develop your idea further on existing business models.

Easier said than done!

To this day we have hardly changed our approach. We continue to put functions in place quickly, look at user feedback and change it accordingly. We receive regular feedback through in-depth tools that measure key figures on our site and our questionnaires. We also get a lot of emails from you, each of which we evaluate. The methodology is easy to describe but difficult to implement! So take a look at ours Book recommendations for founders ! We have put together books for you that have inspired us.


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