Self-employment is an extremely attractive way of earning money for many: You are your own boss and you can organize your time flexibly. In particular, being self-employed on the Internet is becoming more attractive, as not only the working hours but also the place of work can be freely selected. Whether at home or on the go, the only thing you need is internet access.

The big question that all newcomers to online business ask themselves is how and with what you can start your own business online. There is no clear step-by-step guide. Finding a suitable project for you is much more a process.

In our article, we present three essential tips that should make it easier for you to start self-employment on the Internet and to choose a suitable business model.

Tip 1: Think about what you like to do

The first step towards self-employment is clearly the search for a business idea. This is the greatest challenge, especially for beginners. First, think about what you are good at and what you enjoy. Have you perhaps always wanted a product or service that does not yet exist on the market? It is precisely through such considerations that you can get an initial overview and find a suitable niche for your independence.

For example, if you like to work creatively, you have various options, from your own blog to selling photos, videos and graphics.

Tip 2: Think about which type of income you prefer

The most popular entry-level options are the online shop and your own blog. The main difference between these two variants is the type of income generation. In an online shop, you actively sell products and thus generate active income. With your own blog, on the other hand, you generate income passive income . Often you advertise products and services from other providers and earn money with every click on the corresponding advertising banner.

Choosing the right type of income also has an impact on the workload of your project. In most cases, active types of income, such as running an online shop, are more time-consuming than passive income generation using an affiliate website. In the case of part-time self-employment in particular, the advantages of passive income methods are significantly more attractive.

Tip: You can find out exactly which passive income types exist and how you can implement them in our category Passive income .

Tip 3: Build a network

As with any other business, the network is the be-all and end-all. Make contacts with other self-employed people and exchange ideas. Talking to others who are in the same situation as you often leads to the solution. You can exchange ideas with experienced online entrepreneurs via appropriate trade fairs, business-to-business meetings and forums. Learn from their experiences and get tips on what to watch out for.

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