The credit rating describes the solvency and willingness of a natural or legal person.

In order to be able to make an assessment of the creditworthiness of a person or a company, creditors can be given consent to the creditworthiness check. The largest private company that offers credit checks for creditors is Schufa Holding AG.

Credit check

Credit checks are usually carried out on credit inquiries, mobile phone contracts or payments on account. This is to avoid over-indebtedness. The most important criteria for assessing creditworthiness are personal and economic creditworthiness. Current circumstances and past payment behavior are included in the check. Companies like Schufa collect such data.

Division into credit rating classes

The credit rating is divided into so-called credit rating classes. Such a class shows the ability and willingness of a customer to meet his future payment obligations in full and on time. The different classes are shown in the following list.

  • AA: no risk of default and exceptional financial security
  • A: low risk of default and very high financial security
  • B: medium risk of default and adequate financial security
  • C: high risk of default and insufficient financial security
  • D: very high risk of default and poor financial security
  • E: bankruptcy


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