A start-up is a young company that promises great growth potential and is characterized by particularly innovative ideas.


The English term “Startup” is a noun of the English verb “to start up” (sometimes “to set something in motion” or “to found”) and describes a relatively new company that is still young. The companies are in the early stages, but have particularly high growth potential and solve specific consumer problems and / or revolutionize the consumer experience. It is not uncommon for the influence of companies to change entire areas of society.

Differentiation of the start-up from other companies

Not every new company is commonly referred to as a start-up: Such companies have a high growth potential and convince primarily through innovative ideas that solve specific problems.

Examples for start-up companies

A newly founded bakery would not be called a start-up, even if it is of course a company. However, if the newly founded bakery uses innovative sales channels that no other baker has used before, and if these sales channels promise an improvement in the consumer experience, such a bakery could definitely be described with this term. In the online area, innovative apps and Online shops often assigned to this company category. World famous and very successful startups (from the past) are Skype, PayPal, Zalando, Amazon, etc.

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