Have you bought a domain and now want to move it to the new web space? At the same time, you’re not quite sure how to do it? No problem! In this article we explain step by step how you can move your domain.

Switching to another web host provider or moving a domain is easy as long as it is in line with your contract period. But how does a domain move work? What do you have to consider and how do you make sure that your emails are forwarded without loss?

When is a domain move worthwhile?

There are many reasons why a domain move can be worthwhile. We have summarized some of them here:

– poor service from the previous provider.
– The previous provider is insolvent.
– Discovered a cheaper offer from another provider.
– Domains from several providers should be combined for business reasons.
– Selling the domain to a new owner who wants to switch to another provider.

The right preparation

Before your domain can move and you submit a corresponding application to your previous web host provider, you should find out about the remaining length of your contract period from your current provider. If this expires soon, you should of course have selected a new provider and concluded a suitable offer with them. You have to inform your old provider about this step so that he can activate your domain and send you the associated authcode for a move. To do this, you often have to fill out a freely formulated notice of termination or a switch form.

Move domain

When you have completed all preparations, the old and new web host providers can move your domain. For this purpose, the authcode of your domain is transmitted to the new provider. Often you will then get a transitional domain for the first few days until your current provider has taken all relocation measures. Finally, the transition domain is transferred to the current version after an average of one to two days.

Unfortunately, this method of your provider only refers to the website name of your domain. You have to transfer the content that you have on your site as well as all data, emails, etc. yourself.

The 5-step plan

1.) First of all, you should move the FTP content. With programs like Filezilla you can easily drag the data to a local hard drive and save it temporarily. You can then use the same program to upload the content to the new provider. Now you only have to change the path for your FTP data belonging to the new domain.

2.) You should then change the configuration files that are still running under the name of your old provider. If you skip this step, you will not be able to use your previous content with the new web host provider.

3.) As a third step you now have to move the database. To do this, you should first create a backup copy. Now you can search for the zipped backup in the memory of your FTP. If you now transfer the database to your new provider, you should note that it will run there under a new name. So you have to create a new database to restore your old content there.

4.) But you shouldn’t forget to move your emails either. The difference here is whether you use a POP3 (Thunderbird, Outlook etc.) or an IMAP mailbox. With POP3 your emails end up on the hard drive. You only need to configure your account here and should also make an additional backup. However, it looks different with an IMAP mailbox. This is where the mails end up on the provider server. For the transfer you have to ask your old provider for the associated path.

5.) Finally, you should carry out a test run to see whether all the data stored on the FTP has actually arrived at the new provider. Sometimes rights can be lost in this step. So check everything very carefully. If you do not find any defects here, the move of your domain was successful.

Tips, if the old domain provider is wrong

Sometimes, if, for example, other web host providers offer cheaper or better solutions, it can happen that the previous provider tries to get across. This can be quite a nerve-wracking business for you. So that this doesn’t happen to you, or so that you know how to react in such a case, we have put together some tips for you.

No company likes to lose customers. It is no different with web host providers. In addition, moving the domain means a comparatively high effort for a lost customer. Again and again, this leads to the fact that web host providers take a long time to process and process the request only slowly.

As a customer, you have two options here. You can either contact the registrar responsible for your domain or the DENIC member responsible and ask for help. The latter relates in particular to .de domains. A registrar can check whether you really are the owner of the domain and then activate it for a move by sending you the authcode.

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