You have a niche site and read a lot about privacy and the new one GDPR ? Here you will also come across the term SSL certificate and https: //. Now you are wondering whether it makes sense to integrate such a certificate into your niche site? This article tells you if and when to do it.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a small file that digitally binds a cryptographic key to the details of an organization or individual. So in your case to you. The certificate ensures that files are transferred securely. This makes sense especially in login areas or orders for online shops. An SSL certificate is also very useful for an online form.

You can tell whether a secure connection exists from the information in the browser address line. An encrypted call is always made via and not Depending on the browser, the line is also green and the word safe is written or you see a small lock (e.g. on the iPhone).

When do I need an SSL certificate?

Basically, an SSL certificate is of course beneficial and important for SEO. It brings you up in the ranking. It also shows your users that you rely on security. However, you should definitely use SSL if you do the following:

  • User accounts and login procedures
  • Newsletter
  • Customer account and order process (online shop)
  • contact form
  • Collection of data

How do I get an SSL certificate?

You can almost always get an SSL certificate from your provider. There are different levels of security. For an online shop, you should go one step higher than for a blog or website. The standard SSL such as lets encrypt are often sufficient there. The certificate is lets encrypt is free and was launched as open source to make the internet safer.

However, there are also various chargeable SSL certificates. Domain-checked SSL certificates check, for example, that the operator owns the domain. This is often enough for a niche site. For an online shop you should get an organization SSL. The organization, i.e. the company behind the online shop, checks this more closely. The Extended SSL is very widespread especially in the banking business and offers the highest level of security.

Conclusion: do you need it?

An SSL certificate shows your users that data protection is important to you and you will get an advantage with Google. You don’t have to have it, but it makes perfect sense. You need it urgently, especially when using data that you collect from users. There are now numerous certificates for free, so you have nothing to lose by including one!

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