We hardly ever put the smartphone down. Numerous apps on it are a reason for this. So why not use this state to profit from it? If you are also interested in how you can make money with your own app, then you should read on now.

Earning money with your own app can be a lucrative business. In Germany alone, more than 1/4 of all residents use apps on their smartphones every day. Worldwide, people have installed an average of 33 apps per device (https://de.statista.com/themen/882/apps-app-stores/).

Considerable numbers that encourage more and more developers and tinkerers to enter this market themselves.

Earn money with your own app

If you want to join this series too, there are various options to successfully generate an income (Incidentally, here you can find out more about other options for making money online ).

Paid app

The classic among the various sales versions is the offer of an app that can be downloaded for a fee. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the most profitable option. According to many statistics, the number of downloads of paid apps is much lower compared to the free ones. It can therefore sometimes make more sense to use one of the other options that are free of charge for the user.


Freemium describes the sales principle of apps that are initially available to the customer for free download. However, there are chargeable upgrades within these apps, which are often associated with optimized usage.

Such a type of app is divided into the areas of a basic and an extension version. The advantage for customers is that they can only use the app in the basic version.
A comparatively poor optimization, such as limited functions or switched advertising, sooner or later induce many users to buy an extension.

In-app purchase

In-app purchase is a popular retail version, especially in the gaming sector. The app is initially offered to the user as a free download. In order to make progress within the game or to advance in levels faster, however, the customer has to reach for accessories.
Such chargeable extensions are z. B. extended functions for the game character.

As a manufacturer of the app, it is therefore extremely important to set up the app in such a way that the customer sees an advantage in purchasing additional features.

In-app advertisement

In-app advertisement describes a possibility in which the use of the app is free of charge for the customer across the board. You can earn money with your own app by placing advertisements and banners from other companies within your app.

The pay-per-click system is often used for billing. Since the number of users who ultimately really click on the built-in link is rapidly decreasing and the system is becoming increasingly less important, this option is being used less and less.

trial version

As the name suggests, the sales principle of this app is to initially make it available to the user for testing for a certain period of time. After the free period of use has expired, the app can only continue to be used by purchasing it.

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