There can be various reasons for wanting to sell your own company. The cause does not always lie in one Failure of your own entrepreneurial idea . After years of nerve-wracking and time-consuming building up a company, entrepreneurs often simply want to set different priorities in their own lives. A right that every entrepreneur can avail himself of without a guilty conscience. On the other hand, there are interested buyers and investors who want to buy an already existing idea, an existing company.

More supply than demand

But if you look at the common company exchanges on the Internet, you quickly notice that there are clearly more offers for sale than want to buy Platforms gives. It is not just the lack of demand that entrepreneurs are exposed to: for their own idea, which has required a lot of blood, sweat, tears and renunciation, you naturally want to achieve a decent price. And because so much passion is put into a company, you also want to find a buyer who in the future will take good care of your own idea and, depending on the situation, also of the workforce who are hoping for a good future in the event of a company takeover. So there are various factors up for debate that must first be met.

Complex reasons for selling a company

Anyone who wants to sell their company has usually thought about this step carefully and for a long time. In any case, there are reasons for a sale like a dime a dozen.

Sell businesses to make big bucks, fast

Viewed in isolation as a headline, the whole thing might sound immoral at first. But on closer inspection, it is actually not at all. As already mentioned in the introduction, building a company costs a lot of time and money. If you now make the decision to part with your own company, you naturally want to be well paid for it. In addition, it is not always just a question of using the money from the company sale to put a new Porsche in the driveway – the sale of one’s own company is often simply a means of providing for old age. If you have not only built up the company for years, but also managed it successfully, and have now reached a certain age, you might now simply want to join the well-deserved retirement .

Increasing competition

As competition increases, so does the pressure on entrepreneurs. In such a situation, it is particularly difficult for owner-managed companies to replenish them in the form of Bank loans to get. The sale and thus a complete restructuring as well as new capital and fresh competence can be a way out. And not only that: If you are up to your neck, the money you earn by selling the company comes in handy.

Company sale due to an emergency

There is another reason for selling a company that you don’t want anyone, but which still occurs from time to time: If the boss gets sick or even comes to you Death , the company is facing a more than difficult situation. In such cases, long-term employees are often asked whether they would like to take over the company. However, if they are not up to the task, a new management team is needed. So the company is inevitably sold.

Find the right buyer for your company

No matter what kind of company it is and no matter why the company is to be transferred: With Projektify you can not only advertise web projects, but companies of all kinds and for sale to offer . The processing takes place solely between seller and buyer. Projektify merely provides the platform on which both can find each other.

The right contract for selling a business

Companies are as different as their founders and business areas. Therefore, at this point, it is not possible to make a general statement about what must be in a sales contract, except: There should be one in every case! Even with supposedly small web projects and internet start-ups, there are numerous things that should be contractually stipulated when handing over. So that you get the right one for your matter contract can put on, Projektify provides you with a Set of model contracts available, which you can take over or adapt individually. For larger companies, however, these do not replace going to Lawyer or notary . However, the contract templates are very helpful for smaller, owner-managed individual companies.


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