When looking for the right shop system for your online shop, do you come across the Shopify software again and again? So that you know what makes Shopify stand out and what advantages and disadvantages the program offers you, we have provided you with a brief overview.

What do I need a shop system for?

You know the term shop system, but you are still wondering what exactly it is all about? Then there is now more information for you:

A shop system is the name given to those programs that organize the technical process within an online shop. In other words, everything from setting up and presenting the products to the purchase process and customer support falls into the field of activity of the software. As the operator of an online shop, you not only have all functions and tasks bundled in the back-end, but your customers can experience a smooth shopping experience in the front-end. Especially with regard to the high competitive pressure in online business, a high-quality and reliable online presence can represent a decisive competitive advantage.

Shopify – you need to know that

Shopify was developed by three friends in Canada in 2004 and the original goal was to set up their own online shop, Snowdevil. In 2006 the founders launched the program, mainly as an open source solution, on the international market and have since offered the software to other users for download. Since then, improvements and new features have been constantly being worked on, which has resulted in the program having been downloaded countless times and is now high on the popularity scale. As one of the first of its kind, it also offers the option of mobile use via an app. This means that web shop operators are more flexible and less tied to a specific location, as they can get all the information they need on their smartphone, tablet or laptop while on the move.


In addition to the offer of an app, the software offers its users other advantages:

– quick installation, easy entry and easy handling
– integrated app
– Support of common means of payment, such as PayPal, invoice, Amazon Payments etc.
– Possibilities for interfaces with well-known marketing tools such as Google Analytics, MailChimp or Facebook Store,
– regular maintenance
– high level of security


To complete the exact presentation, we now want to take a look at the disadvantages of the software.

– monthly basic fee despite free download
– up to 2% commission fee for each order
– only limited language settings possible
– Closed system with fixed back-end, no changes possible
– less suitable for shops with strong content marketing

Web project with Shopify shop system at project

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