Would you like to build your blog and get started with it? There are a few things to consider. That’s why you should think twice about it. We have put together some tips for you at Projektify This checklist will help you put together your strategy for your blog. You can download it for free. Download the blog checklist pdf [werbung] [fotolia]

You are currently writing texts for yours Blog or yours Niche website and wonder how the connection between the added value of yours Content is and the SEO -Optimization is what you need to make. In this article we will show you both dimensions and draw a conclusion. Relevance is the decisive criterion Ultimately, Google wants to offer its users the greatest possible relevance. So you should make sure that people who google your keyword also find added value for the text. For example, if someone goesogle: Tips for heading blog articles , then you should also give specific tips and best examples. Without a high relevance for keywords, you will hardly hold a rank for long or not even get it. Google checks the bounce rate of your page. So if you don’t have good content, a lot of users will quickly leave the page and it will be…

You are interested in making money on the Internet, but you do not know what sources of income for Blogger or website operators are the best? Or how do they differ and how do you use this to find out which one suits you best? With this article we want to help you shed some light on the darkness. You can also find more tips on the topic on our blog. Take a look at our other articles on the topic earn money on the Internet at. How To Make Money From Your Hobby: The 5 Best Sources of Income for Bloggers You have probably heard of online terms like Google AdSense , Affiliates, link rental, etc. In the following we would like to briefly explain to you what the individual options are and how you can choose the best option for you. to blog If you have an affinity…

A blog is a kind of online diary or journal in which at least one person writes down facts or thoughts. The term blog, whose full name is actually weblog, came from the two English terms World wide web and log for logbook. As a rule, the content of a blog is very different from the content of daily newspapers and magazines. Blog content is usually very personal text content that is similar to a diary entry. In terms of style, it is rather free, designed according to personal preferences. The blog itself usually consists of a long, chronologically sorted list of entries. In addition to personal blogs, there are also blogs on specific topics (topic blogs) and from companies (company blogs). Microblogging is a special form in which a blog entry does not contain more than 140 words. Probably the best known platform for such microblogs is Twitter. [werbung]…

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