You are interested in making money on the Internet, but you do not know what sources of income for Blogger or website operators are the best? Or how do they differ and how do you use this to find out which one suits you best? With this article we want to help you shed some light on the darkness. You can also find more tips on the topic on our blog. Take a look at our other articles on the topic earn money on the Internet at.

How To Make Money From Your Hobby: The 5 Best Sources of Income for Bloggers

You have probably heard of online terms like Google AdSense , Affiliates, link rental, etc. In the following we would like to briefly explain to you what the individual options are and how you can choose the best option for you.

to blog

If you have an affinity for writing and you can imagine doing it on a regular basis, then pages like Rank seller just right for you. Here you develop your own content on different topics and create references to your clients within your texts by setting specific links to their pages. Since this type of blogging is not entirely Google-compliant, there are more frequent problems here. Many clients are now also placing offers with nofollow links. Check out our article on the subject Part-time self-employed on the Internet at.

Affiliate programs

Another of the many sources of income for bloggers is this Affiliate marketing . These are affiliate programs. You advertise on your side for your business partner and in return receive a percentage of the turnover that was achieved through your help. Well-known affiliate programs are for example AdCell , Baboon or Zanox .

Google AdSense

With Google AdSense you can earn money after a one-time job with virtually no further action. Once you’ve set everything up, Google will work for you, because every time a visitor visits your AdSense ad, you earn money from that click. The more often your ad is clicked on, a considerable amount can quickly come together. If you want to find out more about how much you can earn with Google AdSense, click here here.

Link sales and rentals

Similar sources of income for bloggers like affiliate marketing are link selling and renting. Many online retailers and operators of other types of websites are interested in so-called backlinks in order to generate the highest possible ranking on Google. The providers rent or buy a place on your blog, so to speak, where they set links to their own page. So if you have a traffic-rich blog, you should look to brokerage portals like Link lift , Backlink seller or SeedingUp to register.

Website sales

Another way to make money on the internet is to sell your website. If you no longer have the desire or time to run your web project yourself, there are often many interested parties who would like to succeed you and buy your website from you. To find these interested parties, you can look on platforms like that of our association Projektify eV. Among other things, we will also give you assistance with advertising. Click for tips on how to do this here .

Buying and selling web companies and online shops with Projektify eV

If you think that the website sales of all the presented sources of income for bloggers suits you best, then you’ve come to the right place. Projektify eV offers you a free platform for buying and selling web companies and online shops. We help bring the right people together and are happy to advise you on your project. Take a look at our advertisements!


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