The question of how much money can be made with AdSense cannot be answered across the board. In our article “ When is AdSense worthwhile for your own website? ? ” we have already highlighted a few points. Basically, however, there are no limits to sales with Google AdSense, as long as your website generates a lot of traffic, you place the online advertisements well and the respective ones Ads be rewarded with a high CPC.

Get rich with AdSense? How much money can really be made

The dream make money online Many people out there cherish and possibly even get rich, but only very few really make it. As a website operator, AdSense is certainly one of the many ways to sustainably monetize your online presence, and maybe even one passive income on the internet build up.

Whether and how much money can be earned with AdSense depends on how much traffic you generate . Basically, one can say that more page views (ideally from individual visitors) also mean more AdSense sales. If you want to get the really big coals through AdSense, you have to use a good one SEO already attract a lot of visitors to your website; even if the advertisements that Google places on your website are remunerated with a high click price (CPC – cost-per-click).

AdSense sales: a calculation example

If you have around 10,000 page views per month and a click rate of 1% (and that’s a lot – the average AdSense click rates are possibly 0.5%), that would mean 100 clicks on your AdSense ads. With a (hypothetical) average CPC of 15 cents, you will earn 15 euros per month, according to Adam Riese. In this case, your RPM (revenue per mille or revenue per 1,000 page views) would be 1.50 euros.

Although numerous factors play a role in the amount of AdSense sales, this example shows that the dream of making quick money on the Internet with your own website and AdSense is possible, but not that easy. If you manage to attract a lot of visitors to your site thanks to good search engine optimization, high activity on social media channels and good content, you will come closer to your dream of high AdSense sales. Furthermore, you should regularly check the placement of the ads in order to increase the click rate.

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