The part-time independence has many advantages. On the one hand you can evaluate whether a business is worthwhile and on the other hand you can continue to stay in your secure full-time job. With part-time self-employment, you are also not dependent on your business directly generating a profit of 2000 euros or more, but also 100 euros passive income a month can be a great addition to your wallet.

Reading tip: Checklist for part-time self-employment

Self-employed part-time – find ideas

But now the question arises for you: find ideas! What should I do for my independence? Not every idea is suitable for self-employment and then the question arises: How are you supposed to do that and do you even feel like having such an idea? In theory, it’s very simple: after an extensive brainstorming session, use Google Trends to find your niche. We have put together a great checklist for you.

Reading tip: Find a niche

Part-time self-employed – building up ideas

Here we go. You must have yours Niche side build up. SEO , Social media , Technology and much more will come your way. It’s easy to lose track of things. We have therefore put together some articles for you to build your niche site. We will also show you an extensive checklist for setting up again. You can download it for free. We often recommend the CMS for this WordPress as it is very suitable for most cases.

Let an expert help you right away. Because with Projektify you have the opportunity to be accompanied online by an expert on the way to founding a company. Just use ours for this Service for start-up advice or the Service for building a web project .

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Alternative: buy a web project

Now you also have another alternative: You can buy a finished page and build directly on the success of existing experience. So you don’t have to laboriously build your idea and you can get started right away. This can be a starter benefit.

However, such a purchase is not easy and should be considered carefully. Often we notice that in the jungle of offers you get stuck and even feel a little lost. We want to help you because of this. As an association, Projektify specializes in the mediation of web projects. We want to help you with information and blog articles, because it’s quick and easy to buy a pig in a poke.

So that you don’t buy the pig in a poke, as just mentioned, we have you Purchase information , Drafting of contracts , SEO metrics and Pricing compiled. We also offer you an escrow service for the safe sale. Take a look at ours Information site with many great web shops . We wish you the best of luck with your new web project!

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