Do you want to fulfill your dream of having your own online presence but are you afraid of fraud when buying a web project? Unfortunately, this is not so absurd and still happens far too often. So that you don’t fall into this trap, we have put together a few tips and tricks that you should definitely consider when buying your own web project.

Who is behind the web project purchase fraud?

It is not uncommon for the fraudsters to be organized teams hidden behind letterbox companies abroad with straw men on all common ways of buying web projects. They offer companies with supposedly impressive company values at ridiculous prices. In doing so, they are building up such a background organization that even the whole range of websites, email accounts and forged papers are making more and more people fall for the fraudulent appearance. We now want to explain to you how best to protect yourself against such gangs.

How do I avoid falling victim to web project purchase fraud?

Ultimately, there is no panacea or miracle solution to the nasty scam used by scammers. These types of people will always find a way to cheat honest prospective buyers. However, you can make it so difficult for them that they may lose interest before the actual fraud when buying a web project or you can track down the perpetrators yourself through targeted measures.

Check the company information for its truthfulness

A very important point to check whether everything is going well is certainly the review of relevant key figures. Take a close look at how annual balance sheets, debts, assets, and so on are reported. Do the numbers make sense that way? Is something strange to you? If you’re not sure, you can always get one based on average industry values
Draw comparison. Or you can contact one directly Experts | . If things are unclear or suspicious to you, you should either speak to the seller about it or keep your hands off it. Fraudsters, in particular, like to work with souped-up or fictitious numbers and make it easy to commit fraud when buying a web project.

Get in touch with the seller

As already mentioned, it also makes sense to communicate with the seller and get to know him more. Here, too, fraudsters often behave conspicuously. Serious sellers, on the other hand, are often looking for one successor or buyer who has the same passion for the web project. They often want to find out more about the person who will continue to run their company.

Avoid fraud when buying web projects – use professional company exchanges

Another good idea to avoid fraud when purchasing web projects is to use company portals. Instead of buying freely on the Internet completely unobserved, such platforms often offer a high level of security.
All users are registered here and the individual advertisements are partially monitored. It is much more difficult for fraudsters to implement their machinations here.

However, it is important to note that not all platforms are necessarily reputable. After all, fraudsters can also create such an exchange. Therefore, it is better to orient yourself to already known portals instead of simply using the next best portal. If you want to find out which company exchanges you should use best, then click here .


It is not easy to separate fraudsters from reputable sellers and the anonymity of the Internet makes this even more difficult. Nevertheless, applying the tips mentioned can be of great help. Especially if you do not yet know the market and its pitfalls as a first-time buyer or have little experience in buying a company, it is important to be particularly careful and careful. Professional portals often offer their customers purchase support. In contrast to private advertisements on the Internet, interested buyers can make a more carefree decision on the right web project.

Buy or sell a web project securely on Projektify

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