More and more people are choosing their own alongside their main job independence build up. No matter whether you want to try out a future business idea or want to secure yourself financially, if you decide to be self-employed as a part-time job, you should consider a few things. We introduce you to five points that you need to know! Point 1 – register for self-employment No matter if you are full-time or part-time If you are self-employed, you must register with the trade office of your municipality in accordance with Section 14 of the trade tax regulations. To do this, you have to describe your secondary employment in more detail and pay a registration fee. Tip: Before registering, make sure to check whether you are a small business owner with your part-time job. Under certain circumstances you can benefit from the small business regulation according to § 19 of…

Self-employment is in contrast to a dependent employment relationship as an employee. What self-employment is can be found in the Social Security Code. The start of a professional self-employment can also be described as a business start-up. According to the law, the self-employed person is not subject to any authority on the part of the client in terms of working hours, place of work, duration of work and the type of work. His activity is characterized by his own entrepreneurial risk and the free disposal of his own workforce. The self-employment can take place alone, so the self-employed sells his labor to a client or the placement of his own employees. [werbung] [fotolia]

The part-time independence has many advantages. On the one hand you can evaluate whether a business is worthwhile and on the other hand you can continue to stay in your secure full-time job. With part-time self-employment, you are also not dependent on your business directly generating a profit of 2000 euros or more, but also 100 euros passive income a month can be a great addition to your wallet. Reading tip: Checklist for part-time self-employment Self-employed part-time – find ideas But now the question arises for you: find ideas! What should I do for my independence? Not every idea is suitable for self-employment and then the question arises: How are you supposed to do that and do you even feel like having such an idea? In theory, it’s very simple: after an extensive brainstorming session, use Google Trends to find your niche. We have put together a great checklist for…

You are currently sitting at your PC and you think that a independence would be a great alternative? Just sit at home and be active or passive money to earn? But are you missing the ideas? You don’t know what your suitable business model should be and what is best possible right from home? The independence from home offers a great alternative, especially for your work live balance. You can set up your workplace yourself, accept parcels all day and if the craftsman wants to come by 9am to 6pm: no problem! Reading tip: Checklist for part-time self-employment Finding ideas for self-employment at home Finding an idea is not easy, but with the help of a systematic process you can still be successful. First, think about a topic that you are already familiar with and that you also like. Now enter this into Google and list how you would google…

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