You are currently sitting at your PC and you think that a independence would be a great alternative? Just sit at home and be active or passive money to earn? But are you missing the ideas? You don’t know what your suitable business model should be and what is best possible right from home?

The independence from home offers a great alternative, especially for your work live balance. You can set up your workplace yourself, accept parcels all day and if the craftsman wants to come by 9am to 6pm: no problem!

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Finding ideas for self-employment at home

Finding an idea is not easy, but with the help of a systematic process you can still be successful. First, think about a topic that you are already familiar with and that you also like. Now enter this into Google and list how you would google your topic. Example: 3D TV can also be searched for in combination with terms such as advice, product comparison, buying tips. With the help of the Google Keyword Planner and a matching A ffiliate program , you can then build your niche site. We have put together a checklist that you can download for free directly under this paragraph.

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Assemble ideas for independence at home

Now the time has come: you have found your idea and are now building your niche site. Of course, you need enough traffic to convert your visitors into money. You can only achieve this through good advertising and a lot of commitment. Next SEO is also Social media for the niche side a good alternative.

In order to earn money you can use different methods like: embed advertising, sell your own products or offer affiliate links. It is important that you focus on one method, especially at the beginning, as each one has its own tricks and tips. We have provided you with a free whitepaper that describes all the methods using various examples.

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Alternative: Buy an existing web project

You have no idea or you would like to start right away, as the construction of the page takes some time and the money does not bubble up immediately? Then you can simply buy an existing business. We, at Projektify, offer a large selection and as an association we do not charge any commission or agency fees from you. We are complete free !

So that you don’t buy the pig in a poke, we have you Purchase information , Drafting of contracts , SEO metrics and Pricing compiled. We also offer you an escrow service for the safe sale. Take a look at ours Information site with many great web shops .

Funding ideas for self-employment at home

Actually, setting up a page usually costs very little, but you often need capital, especially if you want to buy a larger web project. You can of course borrow this from friends and family, but there are also exciting alternatives and small, so-called microcredits. So that you don’t have to take a pig in a poke here too, we have put together a great overview of how you can finance such a project if you do not have any equity capital.

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If you would like to exchange ideas personally with an expert on this topic and ask them a few important questions, then you will find ours here “Get rich on the Internet” service .


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