Ever heard of passive income as a source of income? Whether yes or no, here you will find all the information you need to know how you can earn money online without working.

Imagine if you could pursue all your favorite activities after work, sleep as long as you want on the weekend too, stop thinking twice about every euro and still earn extra money. Sounds like a dream? But it doesn’t have to be. With the establishment of a second pillar for passive income, this can quickly become a reality.

How does passive income work?

Passive income describes an income opportunity on the Internet that, after a certain start-up time, generates income independently and regularly. Once you have set the framework for your online business and prepared and built your business, you can easily generate a few hundred to a thousand euros in income every month.

Passive income can be generated, for example, through advertising on your own website. After you have set up your own webpage and generated a lot of traffic, you will quickly find interested parties who want to advertise their own business on your platform. The placement of such an advertisement is only necessary once and the banner can then be displayed on your site for the agreed period of time. In return, you can demand a monthly flat rent from your client, your passive income.

The different possibilities

As you can see, it is not particularly difficult to create a framework for passive income. There are so many ways to get active yourself that there is definitely the right variant for you and your strengths.


Have you ever thought about earning passive income through a cooperation? This is possible, for example, with so-called fake shops. For this, you only offer goods from third parties on your site, which you do not sell yourself. As soon as a customer wants to purchase a product, he will be redirected from your site to the actual shop via a link. In return, you will receive a lump sum from your partner company or you will participate in the profit on a commission basis.


EBooks are an attractive option for passive income because they are shorter than books and can usually be created with enough know-how but also with little writing experience. E-books are often nothing more than advice. Writing therefore requires less creativity and more technical background. If you have this, you can easily and easily write one eBook offer for a fee-based download.


That too Develop an app is an exciting challenge to generate passive income. With the right expertise and a good idea, you can realize high sums here either by selling the app or by advertising costs. New versions of apps are in constant demand, especially in the gaming or health sector.

Niche sites

If none of the ideas have appealed to you so far, you can also try it out with the help of your own homepage. The concept behind this is to deal with his Niche side to be set high in the Google rankings so that your page appears among the first when searching. This allows you to generate a high level of traffic on your site and make it attractive for placing external advertising. You can then let third parties place banners and other advertising materials on your site for a fee. In this way, too, you can turn over a lucrative sum every month.

There are countless other ways to build passive income online. If you want to find out more about other variants, then click here .

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Passive income on the internet using Projektify

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