Develop your own app! – Many tech-savvy developers dream of climbing to the top of the download charts in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store with their own creation and making big money. But is that still feasible nowadays? Is it really worth developing your own app? How can you really make money in the highly competitive market for apps?

Develop your own app – this is how you can generate income!

Most think that an app is all about download numbers to generate revenue. However, this is only the case if you offer a paid app. Often, however, it is precisely then that it is difficult to find enough users for your own app, so that the often high development costs can be paid again. Therefore, in this article we want to introduce you to some strategies with which you can offer your app to users for free and still generate an income.

In-app purchases

In-app purchases are probably one of the most popular variants of apps with free downloads. In this case, the user only incurs costs if he wants to buy something within the app. This can be, for example, accessories or online money for gaming apps or payment services for e.g. the parking machine or the cinema. The advantage here is that the users are already familiar with the app and recognize added value. As a result, they are often much more willing to reach into their pockets for additional service.

This variant can be very successful if it is implemented correctly. However, a good monetization strategy must be planned for this. Because the users do not see any benefit in the app, if the extensions are not attractive enough or if the placement of the app does not make sense, the customers are usually less willing to pay for the additional service.

In-app advertisement

With in-app advertisements, there are no additional costs for your users, not even as with in-app purchases within your app. Instead, you earn money by placing external advertisements. These adds are usually advertising banners, videos or pop-ups. A pay-per-click system is often used for billing.

The disadvantage here is, on the one hand, that companies are usually only interested in placing advertisements within your app if you can already prove a high number of downloads. So it often only takes some time before you can really generate sales and profits with your app.

On the other hand, many companies have already recognized that only a few users really click on the banners and advertisements and the general demand for switching add-ins in apps is therefore steadily declining. Accordingly, it is usually very difficult to generate income with this variant.

trial version

Developing an app and making money from it can also be done by offering trial versions. For example, users can try out your app for 30 days free of charge before usage becomes chargeable. Here too, similar to in-app purchases, you have the advantage that there is the possibility that your customers will recognize the added value of your app within the test period and then remain loyal to you despite the costs.

Freemium app

Last but not least, there is also the option of the Freemium app. You are initially offering a basic version. This is usually kept very simple and also contains advertising. If the user likes your app, he can of course purchase a premium version, i.e. an upgrade of the app, for a fee. There are no limits to the possibilities. As with the other variants, the user has the opportunity to get to know the app and filter out the added value.

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