Would you like to buy or sell a well-running Facebook page and are you currently looking for information on pricing and on which channels you can get such pages? In the following article, we want to provide you with assistance and also briefly address potential risks when selling / buying.

Buy / Sell Facebook page

Facebook now has more than 1 billion users worldwide – in Germany alone there are over 26 million. More and more private and commercial Facebook users, in addition to numerous companies, are interested in creating their own Facebook fan page. This desire exists for a variety of reasons for all conceivable purposes. As a founder, you need one thing above all: direct contact with your target group. Therefore, you can count on a presence in the Social media -Networks do not do without. However, building and maintaining such a site is a great effort. So the question arises: Is it worth buying a page in order to save the effort of setting it up and is it worth selling a page if the maintenance effort becomes too high?


Similar to the Pricing of domains there are no hard and fast rules here. So you can’t say in general: “The site is worth 4 cents per like.” The current hype about the topic of the site plays a role here. We also find that the activity on the site and the quality of the content play a major role.


Overall, however, buying and selling also entails some risks. First of all, you may not be able to change the user URL on a purchased account – you will usually not be able to change the username either. In addition, you have to clarify in advance whether you will receive the security lock to verify the account properly. Also clarify whether you can still change the name of the page and whether the page has already been blocked.

Otherwise you will find in Chapter 4 (as of November 2016) that you are not allowed to pass on your login data without the permission of Facebook. So there is the risk that Facebook will block the account after the sale. So it is actually not allowed to buy / sell Facebook pages. However, there are numerous English-speaking marketplaces where such will be sold. So there are currently some arguments for but also against it. The choice is yours! Basically you will find the following sentences in the Facebook terms and conditions:

You will not share your password (or your secret key if you are a developer), let anyone else access your account, or do anything else that could compromise the security of your account.
You will not transfer your account (including any page or app you manage) to anyone without our prior written consent.
You will not be asking for login information or accessing an account owned by someone else.

Buy / sell Facebook page at Projektify

Now we have shown you that it is entirely possible to buy or sell a Facebook page. We therefore now also enable the sale or purchase of Facebook pages on our marketplace. Take a look directly in our ads . Maybe there is already the right one for you? Or sell your Facebook page directly from us for free. More information about the USP from Projektify as well as great tips & tricks, you get in our blog .

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