Blogging is a relaxed and nice pastime for many. When your own blog grows at some point, some people wonder whether you can do more with your project. The question of how to earn money online as a blogger comes up very often.

Most bloggers only earn pocket money with which they supplement their income from their regular job. You can find out here how you can make more of your hobby and whether this step is ultimately worthwhile.

Is it worth a blog?

Especially when it comes to the combination of writing and generating income or, more precisely, how you can earn money online as a blogger, many wonder whether a blog is the best option.
The answer to this is, as is so often the case, “yes and no” (yes and no). Because blogging, as almost always, depends on many other parameters. There are many blog operators who generate a decent income with their project and can make a living from it easily and not too badly. But these people also approach their work with a completely different business attitude. Because that’s the blog, your work. Hobby writers like to develop a little content here and there, sometimes between the door and the hinge. Everything is not so strictly planned, you don’t always find time for the blog. Such an attitude may be good for the fun factor to be able to make a living from writing, but it is not enough. Certainly, a little luck is always a part of it, having the right nose for the right niche and the timing often plays a role.

So if you want to earn money online as a blogger, you have to invest one thing above all else. And here we speak of time, work, passion, will and and and. You see, blogging is also a real job with a lot of effort if you want to generate an income with it.

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Pros and cons if you want to make a living from a blog

There are many different opinions on this subject. In order to be able to form your own opinion, we have summarized the most important advantages and disadvantages of being able to earn money online as a blogger independently.


– you are your own boss.
– a blog leaves a lot of space for self-expression and uniqueness.
– Variety of niches, everyone can find an interesting topic.
– Different ways for income.
– With good implementation, a blog can be a stable source of income.


– it usually takes a long time before a blog can become really successful.
– It is not always easy to anchor loyalty and trust in the readers.
– Ideas for blogs can be copied quickly and there is generally a lot of competition.
– The blog lives from its operator, so selling it is often not that easy to implement.

Tips for being able to earn money independently as a blogger online

As you can see, even if it is not always easy to implement and having your own blog can also have many disadvantages, it is still possible as a blogger to earn money online on your own. The following tips can be of great help to you.

Choose subject areas that offer good earning potential

In order for you to be able to earn money with your blog at all, you should carefully consider the choice of your niche. Are there enough companies and affiliate opportunities or options for partnerships in this area?

Develop content regularly

Another important tip for generating enough income is of course the regular and constant development of content. This is the only way you can build up a regular readership and keep the traffic on your site high.

Develop a unique selling proposition

However, just writing blog entries is not enough. In order to stand out from the crowd of bloggers and the multitude of niche sites, you have to give your blog that certain something. Make yourself and your site interesting by, for example, picking up special topics, adopting a special writing style or using certain features on your site. The more original your ideas, the better.

The right marketing

In order to achieve the highest possible level of earning potential, you should always promote your blog. For this you can, for example, make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Co. Because as a freelance blogger you live from the advertising income of your site. The better known she is, the more you can earn.

Don’t forget additional costs

As a last tip, we want to give you to consider that self-employment as a blogger is to be evaluated like any other profession in which you are your own boss. This also means that as a freelance blogger, you will have to pay for health and pension insurance, income tax, etc. yourself.


If you want to earn money online as a blogger, you have to have one thing above all: Passion! Expertise or a special writing style can be learned, motivation and innovative ideas are usually recurring companions. But no matter how much knowledge you can reproduce on your blog, how many new trends you implement, if you don’t enjoy blogging, your community will notice it immediately and lose interest. And with little traffic, it becomes extremely difficult to generate an income. So before you consider blogging as an obsession with getting a quick buck, ask yourself if this is really the way to go. If so, that’s great and you should definitely start immediately and take advantage of the particularly high level of motivation at the beginning. If not, there are many other ways to make money online. If you want to find out more about it, have a look here .

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