You are currently writing texts for yours Blog or yours Niche website and wonder how the connection between the added value of yours Content is and the SEO -Optimization is what you need to make. In this article we will show you both dimensions and draw a conclusion.

Relevance is the decisive criterion

Ultimately, Google wants to offer its users the greatest possible relevance. So you should make sure that people who google your keyword also find added value for the text. For example, if someone goesogle: Tips for heading blog articles , then you should also give specific tips and best examples.

Without a high relevance for keywords, you will hardly hold a rank for long or not even get it. Google checks the bounce rate of your page. So if you don’t have good content, a lot of users will quickly leave the page and it will be quickly removed from the index.

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Without SEO, nobody will find your article

Of course, optimization is still very important and you should by no means completely ignore it. Because if no one can find your articles, no one will read them. Certainly the quality decreases according to the SEO optimization is often easy from but unfortunately that cannot be changed. Usually you will find formulations like: Find here Blog article tips (for the keyword: blog article tips). But this optimization often has to be done, otherwise your article will not rank and it makes more sense if you open your window and read it out loud. Usually more people hear it than if it is hosted on the Internet without search engine rank.

Reading tip: SEO checklist

Conclusion: content is king!

As functional and optimized as your content may be, it must ultimately be easy to read and convince readers. Readable added value is always in the foreground for search engines and readers. Therefore, try to write a meaningful text first and then optimize it. Unfortunately you have to accept a loss of quality in the course of the optimization, but that’s just the way it is.

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