Featured Snippet


A featured snippet is a highlighted search element that tries to give as direct an answer to the search query as possible within a so-called answer box. For the snippet, Google picks out a section of the website and places it at the top before the organic search results and is therefore also referred to as position 0. The aim of the featured snippet is to provide an even faster response to search queries. Ideally, the user doesn’t even have to visit the website to get an answer. For example, if you enter the word SEO into Google, a short explanation of the term will appear highlighted in a rectangle. The featured snippet is controversial for website operators, since ideally the user doesn’t even have to visit the website to get an answer. Nevertheless, the featured snippet can improve your site’s traffic. If your website conquers the Featured Snippet, your…

The Featured snippet is a good way to increase the number of visitors to your website and therefore we come across more and more often when searching on Google. This is a highlighted search element that should give a direct answer or definition to the search query that has been started. For the featured snippet, Google selects a section from an existing website and places it at the top of the organic search results. The selected website is not necessarily the most highly ranked website on Google, but featured snippets are usually selected from one of the first 10 search results. In our article we show you in three steps what you have to consider if you want to win a featured snippet for your website. Step 1: Find an existing featured snippet in Google If there is no featured snippet for your search query, it is extremely…

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