The Featured snippet is a good way to increase the number of visitors to your website and therefore we come across more and more often when searching on Google. This is a highlighted search element that should give a direct answer or definition to the search query that has been started. For the featured snippet, Google selects a section from an existing website and places it at the top of the organic search results.

The selected website is not necessarily the most highly ranked website on Google, but featured snippets are usually selected from one of the first 10 search results. In our article we show you in three steps what you have to consider if you want to win a featured snippet for your website.


Step 1: Find an existing featured snippet in Google

If there is no featured snippet for your search query, it is extremely difficult to win it for you. Therefore, you should first search for existing featured snippets in Google that have to do with the topic of your website. If you’ve found a suitable snippet and your website can be found in the top 10 organic search results, you have a good chance of winning the snippet for you.

There are various SEO programs (e.g. Sistrix) to facilitate the search for existing snippets. Here you can display your chosen keywords, which have a snippet in Google.


Step 2: set keywords

When selecting the featured snippets, Google is extremely keyword-focused. In your text, you should therefore include the keywords as literally as possible and ideally in the heading or part of the heading. For example, if you want to win the Create Featured Snippet excerpt, you should enter the words Create Featured Snippet contiguously and without inflection.

Tip: You can find more about keywords in our articles Get to the top with targeted keyword optimization and Apply the focus keyword correctly .


Step 3: use specific phrases

In addition to the keywords, Google also pays attention to certain formulations. When it comes to definition snippets, Google takes particular account of the W questions. A simple question in the headline or in the running text such as “What is a featured snippet?” Often achieves the desired result. In addition, explanatory formulations such as “A featured snippet is…” from Google are taken into account in the definition snippets.

Would you like to help conquer a snippet of instructions, explanatory and introductory formulations such as “Instructions”, “How it works”, “How to …”, “Step by step”, “Let’s start” etc. You should also make sure that your paragraph is in Is formatted in the form of a list. Specifically, this means that you explain the individual points of the procedure step by step. In particular, you should use bullets and begin your sentences with the imperative form. Google includes a maximum of 8 list points for the instruction snippet. In order to attract as many visitors as possible to your website, it is therefore worth listing more than 8 list points.[wpusb]

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