Thanks to free SEO Tools optimize website owners and bloggers their articles and pages for keywords. In the case of individual texts and sub-pages, the main focus is usually on the so-called keyword focus or the focus keyword. How important a general keyword structure of the website is, we have already seen in the article “ Why Keyword Focus Isn’t Everything t ”explains; take a look. However, since it is inevitable that individual articles focus on a certain core topic, the focus keyword is definitely justified. After all, every post or individual page should rank for a very specific search query. At this point, it is mostly about long-tail keywords, which Google is focusing on in times of mobile search queries and voice search technology.

Here’s how to properly apply keyword focus

Ask yourself the question of how you google yourself. Do you actually always enter whole sentences or meaningful parts of sentences or do you use keywords in a confused and unstructured manner? Example: If you are looking for a cheap wellness hotel in the Munich area, instead of “ Inexpensive wellness hotel in the Munich area ”Maybe. rather the single word combination “ Wellness hotel Munich area cheap ”Enter, right? Strictly speaking, you would have to define these terms as a focus keyword and use them in an appropriate density, as well as in some of the sub-headings – at least if some SEO plugins / tools are used. It is obvious that the result is seldom or never grammatically decent German (which Google prefers). Readers could also have doubts about the sane nature of the author when reading such texts.

The focus keyword should therefore not be described as a syntactically defined form of terms, but as Topic focus can be understood within a higher-level topic.

If you did the above search query with the terms “ Wellness hotel Munich area cheap ”, Google knows what you want: probably book a hotel in the vicinity of the Bavarian capital that has a spa area. The search engine doesn’t care whether you use the search query in this exact form in your focus keyword, as long as you provide the searcher with the right result.

Google is able to recognize the meaning of a text or a page even without a defined keyword term. The algorithms can also filter out the intention of the searcher from unspecific search queries.

It is therefore completely sufficient to allow the individual terms to appear in an appropriate density in the respective text; They don’t have to be right next to each other – a weak point of many free SEO tools. For example, if you use tons of synonyms, the light of your SEO plugin may not glow green. Google, on the other hand, can also recognize the meaning of a text using synonyms. Even more: Google likes a decent language, which is often not possible with the use of some focus keyword terms according to SEO plugins. After all, what your website offers is primarily aimed at users and not at search engines. Too frequent use of a single word or term is also assessed and penalized as “keyword stuffing”.

Why Google is smarter than you think

The problem with most website operators is that they underestimate the intelligence of Google’s algorithms. Especially since the introduction of Google’s RankBrain, an algorithm based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, the requirements for SEO have changed. RankBrain is primarily intended to process those search queries that consist of a combination of several terms. This includes long-tail keywords, question phrases (W questions), and conversational searches.

Conclusion: Use your own mind instead of blindly trusting SEO tools

If you want to rank well with your articles and pages, you should first and foremost keep an eye on your readers, customers, in short, your target group. Make the subject of the web project clear and use it as best you can. In addition, you should speak the same language as your visitors in your website texts. From experience, this approach is far more promising than blindly trusting SEO plugins that focus primarily on focus keywords.

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