Search engine marketing refers to all measures that increase the number of visits to your own website via Google and Co. This includes both SEO (search engine optimization) and SEA (search engine advertising). An exact Definition of the SEM can be found in our lexicon. SEM for your own online presence Now you know what search engine marketing is, but you may not yet know exactly how to implement it on your website. We’ll explain it to you! Factor 1: SEO Before running large paid SEA campaigns, first try to improve the organic search results. You can do this with the help of optimization measures on your website. The most important points: 1. Your site should be easy to use. That means: have a good menu structure and be visually appealing so that visitors can find their way around easily. 2. You also have to ensure that the Content Your…

SEM is the abbreviation for Search engine marketing ( Search Engine Marketing ), which describes a sub-area of online marketing. It includes all relevant measures to increase traffic with the help of search engines. Meaning and definition of sem SEM by optimizing search results in search engines, ensures that more visitors come to a website. However, you have to separate search engine marketing into two separate areas: Search engine optimization ( SEO ) and the Search engine advertising (SEA ). Difference between SEO & SEA While SEO aims to improve the organic (unpaid) rankings of your own website, SEA focuses on increasing page views through paid advertising links and banners. [werbung] [fotolia]

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