The Google App Store now offers more than 1 million apps for download; the Android Play Store looks similar. If you are now wondering how you should stand out with your own app, here are some tips for successfully building an app.

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Building an app – tips for app marketing

An app is usually only successful if it is marketed well. We want to explain to you how best to do this and what options there are.


When looking for a new app, many users search via the leaderboards of the App and Play Store. However, since only the currently most popular apps are displayed there, users often use the search bar for special searches by entering a suitable term. So that your own product is found among the first ads there, it is important to use tags for the app so that it is displayed as often as possible in searches. To find out which tags are worthwhile, programs such as Google’s Keyword Tool can be used.

Web app

In addition to the app form, it is particularly useful for gaming apps to offer the format for use on a homepage. Many users also find entertainment and added value here. So that you can still earn something, there is the possibility of making sequels or certain areas chargeable and only app-enabled, so that users ultimately keep coming back to the smartphone and the app variant.

Social media

Some apps, such as those in the gaming area, can often quickly become hype and build large fan bases. In order to spread your app even further at such moments, you can often use social media to build up a lot of content around your product. Articles, advertising collaborations with influencers or teasers on app news and innovations can be easily disseminated to a large number of people on Facebook, Twitter and the like

classic advertising measures

Sometimes the one app hype can even go so far that your product is also reported in classic media beyond social media. Since apps in particular live from word of mouth, this form of advertising is very desirable for developers, as the range here is often significantly higher than in the online area. In the USA, print media with a pure app reference have already established themselves, which regularly report on the latest trends and innovations.

Building an app – tricks for app marketing

To make your app even more successful, we have also put together a few tricks and tips for the right marketing.

Investment planning

When you bring your first own app onto the market, your budget is often still limited. Developers are rarely able to immediately spend huge amounts of money on YouTube advertising, external recommendations or social media content. This is precisely why you should carefully rethink and plan your investments. Ask yourself how you can best address the target group for your app and where you can reach them. You can only achieve something if you plan your advertising sensibly.

Avoidance of direct links

Make your app as user-friendly as possible despite advertising. Nothing is more annoying for users than permanent banners with direct links. Try to set links more inconspicuously but still specifically. You can do this, for example, by redirecting you to articles that deal with the topic but offer the reader added value and thus do not seem so intrusive or by setting download buttons.

Pay attention to competition

The social media sector in particular is highly competitive and therefore a tough and expensive place for beginners. Especially if your app is one of the niche products, it makes sense to reach your target group through cooperation with portals on suitable topics. In the gaming sector, on the other hand, so-called influencers are often used, who can spread your app in people’s minds with a long range.

Track downloads

Regardless of which measure you choose, in the end you should always keep an eye on the ROI, the return on investment. It shows you how much sales a specific advertising campaign has brought you. You get the data for the ROI from your expenses and the number of downloads of your app. So always be very attentive to tracking your app downloads so that you can regularly optimize your strategy based on the ROI.


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