We at Projektify ask ourselves this question quite often. Because of course we also try to do good content marketing and that means for us first and foremost to write and publish good articles on a regular basis. But how do we decide whether an article is short or rather long? We would like to give you the answer to this in this article.

This is important for articles for good content marketing

First and foremost, the length of the article is not even the main criterion. Instead, it is much more important that your article is of quality and tailored to your target group. This means that in your posts you deal with the topics that your readers are also interested in and that are related to your website. As a beginner, if you are not sure what to write about, then it is always worth stopping by competitors and getting inspiration. Blogs that have been running successfully for a long time can also always give an indication of the optimal length of articles. In some industries, for example, it is common to post longer articles and a deviation from the norm really has to be accepted as a unique selling point, so that your website can build up a lot of traffic and implement good content marketing.

However, if you are in an industry where both shorter and longer articles make sense, then you should always make your decision dependent on the one hand on the topic and on the other hand on the demand from your readers. It is also good if you keep looking at the advantages of both options.

Advantages of short articles

  • short articles are time-saving and sometimes easier to write because you don’t have to go too far into the topic here.
  • shorter articles are usually read by far more people than long ones
  • if you only write short articles, you can create a lot more posts in the same amount of time and thus publish new content more often

Advantages of longer articles

  • longer articles can often be a unique selling point
  • With longer articles, you can deal with broad topics much better and create higher quality content
  • longer articles are currently ranking better on Google
  • Due to the better ranking, it is also better to incorporate affiliate links, advertising banners and the like in longer articles
  • What else is there to consider for good content marketing

Basically, however, you should of course also use some other parameters as a guide. Google currently ranks longer articles very well, but at the same time shorter articles are usually better if they are mainly read on the smartphone while on the move. Because most of them have little time here and want to be able to read the most important facts as quickly as possible. Or you can build up a series of articles in which you link to in-depth articles in a main article and thus provide several shorter articles instead of one long one.


You see, there is no silver bullet for how you should act best. In any case, it is important that you first carefully analyze your target group and your niche. Based on this, you can then decide which article length is better suited for your content marketing. From time to time it also makes sense to deviate from the actual structure and, for example, to write longer articles. Especially when the topic is very big and the demand for more information is high.

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