Do you dream of earning your money online on the beach, in the Big Apple or on an alpine pasture? Then you should definitely think about a life as a digital nomad. This article explains how to do it!

What is a digital nomad?

First of all, a digital nomad is nothing more than an ordinary entrepreneur or freelancer who earns his money through an online business. However, the location independence of his work plays a decisive criterion. A digital nomad uses a wide variety of online-based techniques, such as e-mail or special software programs, in order to process the orders for his customers entirely digitally. Accordingly, he is not tied to a fixed place of work and can theoretically carry out his work from anywhere in the world.

This is how you become a digital nomad

Life as a digital nomad certainly sounds pretty exciting and varied and you will definitely want to find out how you can build such a life for yourself.

Step 1: the base

Before you can start successfully as a digital nomad, you must of course first determine how you can best earn your money online. Of course, so that you are financially secure for a good life from this job. If you can’t think of anything to do with that, then read our article for Business ideas on the internet .

Step 2: the company formation

When you have not only decided on one type of online business, but also decided whether you want to be a Freelancer or Self-employed want to work, you have to start a company afterwards. Of course, this requires the registration of a trade. At the beginning it is usually better to register the trade in Germany and only move to another country at a later point in your career.

Step 3: the administration

After founding your business, you have to do some administrative tasks. For example, you have to take care of health insurance, a business account or the creation of a website. It is important that you attach great importance to the completion of these tasks, as they form the supporting pillars of your business, so to speak, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Step 4: the place of work

Now we are definitely coming to the most exciting part of your new job. You have to decide where you want to work from in the future. But even if the view of white sandy beaches or the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple sounds so tempting, you should always be aware of the costs of such a life. As a digital nomad, you must of course be able to afford this job with appropriate income. Therefore, it is often better to put a little money aside first so that you can take this step safely.

If you have already done this, you have to do one thing in particular: book your flight ticket. But also keep in mind that some nations have complicated regulations regarding visas or the maximum length of stay.

Step 5: the success

When you finally arrive at your dream destination, there is one thing above all: earn money. This not only means that you have to ensure a stable internet connection, but also that you are well organized. So put aside the thoughts of vacation and think of ways to increase your motivation and productivity where others go on vacation. This means, for example, that you set your own fixed working hours or create to-do lists.

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