Do you want to make money online and have decided that affiliate marketing suits you best? In order to find the right partner program, it is worthwhile to search affiliate networks for the right offer.

Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the most popular ways to generate passive income on the web. So it’s no wonder that the number of affiliate networks is growing rapidly.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before we introduce you to the most famous affiliate networks here, we would like to give you a brief overview of what exactly your tasks as an affiliate will be.

If you have a well-known blog or website, you can use Affiliate marketing , a kind of product recommendation, quickly and easily Generate passive income . As a so-called affiliate, there is hardly any additional work for you.

You have probably already seen links to other homepages, such as online shops, in the content of other websites such as blog entries. Affiliate Marketing describes exactly this approach. So if you work as an affiliate for a commercial partner, people who visit your site and read your articles will be transferred directly to the provider’s site with a simple click of a link. After all, they can only purchase the product or service there.

Affiliate marketing is especially worthwhile because your community trusts you. The likelihood that your followers will click on a link is therefore much higher if it appears on your page. The more people click on your link, the better it is for you. You will participate in the profits of your commercial partner on a commission basis based on the link clicks.

The most famous affiliate networks

Affiliate networks are platforms on which affiliate programs are offered and mediated. So if you are looking for a lucrative affiliate opportunity, then such portals are exactly the right place for you. We now introduce you to the most famous ones.


In comparison, SuperClix is one of the smaller platforms in the area of affiliate marketing and offers around 700 different partner programs. SuperClix serves in particular the segments of shopping / saving, technology / entertainment and broswergames and is also one of the niche specialists among its competitors. The portal pursues the strategy of a simple and fast merging of publishers with suitable affiliate partner programs. With SuperClix, users can benefit from many years of experience and multiple award-winning support.


Belboon is one of the top addresses for brokering affiliate offers, especially on the European market. The portal has specialized in the areas of shopping / saving, technology / entertainment and lead generation. Over 1,500 commercial partners and affiliates from around 46 different countries are members of the website. The exchange is so popular, not least thanks to the high standard of service, the longstanding existence of the portal, its constant new features and the high reach. Belboon is the first platform ever to offer its users its in-house service on the mobile web.


AdCell, which was founded by Firstlead GmbH in 2003, is also one of the leading portals in the field of affiliate marketing brokerage with around 1,400 commercial providers and over 135,000 affiliates. The platform now focuses on the categories technology / entertainment, health / cosmetics, fashion / accessories
and hobby // leisure time. The exchange impresses in particular with its personal customer service, wide-reaching partners and numerous niche offers.


Affilinet was founded in 1997 and has since developed into Germany’s largest affiliate portal. The exchange mediates partner programs and accompanying services in various categories. In particular, it serves the fashion / accessories, travel / tourism, insurance and finance sectors. The platform includes around 2,500 commercial providers and over half a million affiliates. In addition to Otto and Zalando, well-known partners include Thomas Cook and Deutsche Bahn.
Affilinet is particularly characterized by its international orientation and, in addition to its headquarters in Munich, also has branches in Great Britain, France, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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