Self-employed through company acquisition: Whether you are implementing your own business idea or want to buy a company: You are a start-up! However, it is not necessarily easier to take over a company than to start one yourself. When starting a new company, in contrast to a company takeover, you have the reins in your own hands right from the start. You can decide everything yourself with the first steps.

In the case of company succession, i.e. the continuation of an existing company, on the other hand, you are handed over the customer and supplier relationships, the workforce, the market position and the reputation. In addition, when you take over in an established company, you first have to prove yourself and gain the trust of customers, suppliers and employees. But the real sticking point is the financing, because you want to buy a company without equity.

The crux of the matter when buying a company: the financing

A lack of start-up capital is still one of the main reasons for failure. It is all the more important to know about alternative financing options. Nobody often has an amount of 500,000 euros on the high edge or can get such a loan from the bank with ease. That is why it is important to think about the different types of financing so that you can achieve your goal: buy a company without equity.

Companies buy without equity

How large is the required loan amount, how much equity is available, can government funding programs be used. That is the question you have to ask first. There are numerous possibilities, which we present to you here.

Successful entrepreneurs know the hurdles and challenges of the start-up phase and know about the stumbling blocks that stand in your way despite a clever start-up idea. Because of this, many get personal loans without a bank, for example, intervening as an intermediary. They can be friends and parents. Instead of relying on a single investor as is the case with personal loans, one could also try crowdfunding. In some cases, you can also charge your pension insurance or home ownership as equity. So you do not provide liquid equity, but equity in the form of property and investments.

With over 2000 programs across Germany and Europe, the state funding landscape is very diverse. Founders often expect low-interest loans and even microloans of a few hundred to 25,000 euros, with grace-free start-up years being possible.

Sometimes a bit of luck paired with an outstanding pitch can boost the company’s start-up. Prize sums from contests and start-up competitions, which are often advertised in connection with a mentoring program, offer young founders a solid basis to further develop the start-up and bring it to market.

Conclusion: It is possible to buy a company without equity capital

So you can see: becoming self-employed without equity capital can work, even if it is certainly not easy. Charging your life insurance for the start-up is of course not an easy decision. Therefore, you should take enough time to think through the various alternatives.

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