There are many well-known ways to earn passive income, such as affiliate marketing or developing your own app. More and more people want to invest in the cryptocurrency system and generate additional income with the help of bitcoins and the like. But how exactly does it work and what do you have to consider?

What is cryptocurrency?

Before we explain how Passive income works in the form of cryptocurrency, we want to give you a quick digression on what cryptocurrency is actually about.

Put simply, cryptocurrency is digital money. It is derived from cryptography. Cryptography is used to prevent the manipulation of transactions or the double spending of money.
Cryptocurrencies enable payment without the involvement of banks and credit institutions, although there is still a demand for cash. They can be created by anyone around the world using cryptographic computing processes. If you want to learn more about this topic, then read it too our other article to.

Passive income with cryptocurrency

In order to understand how a passive income can be generated with cryptocurrency, you must first understand how the term blockchain, i.e. the basis of all cryptocurrency, is defined.


Blockchains offer a way to use digital money, such as cryptocurrencies, on the Internet as a secure means of payment without using an entity such as a financial institution.

A blockchain can be thought of as a kind of chain of blocks. Individual money transactions are stored in these blocks. So if you pay in the form of a bitcoin, for example, it will be stored in one of these blocks. A blockchain is decentralized, secure and can theoretically be used by anyone.

Principle of passive income with cryptocurrency

With cryptocurrency, for example, you can generate income by holding coins.
By participating in blockchain projects, the holders of tokens, i.e. owners of coins or digital coins, regularly participate in the success of the project in the form of dividend payments. In this way, it is possible, similar to dividends for shareholders, to receive interest on the capital invested. You also benefit from the stable value of the coins, as dividends have long had promising potential and are still not in constant demand.

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