Anyone who takes a closer look at building their own website will often come across the term Drupal. It is usually not immediately clear to many of them what it is all about. As one of the classic CMS programs, this time we will introduce you to Drupal in more detail.

What is drupal

Drupal is one of the classic ones CM system for the design of web projects. According to the manufacturer, 2 percent of all websites worldwide are based on the architecture of this program. As an open source solution, it can be downloaded free of charge for both private and commercial purposes. With the help of Drupal, complex and individual content can be easily created and managed in the back-end. Due to its multiple usability, the system is often used by groups and communities who work here on online ideas at the same time and can link them to one another. With the help of the rights management it can be ensured that only certain users have access to the program.


Since Drupal has a taxonomy system, content such as articles or blog entries can be divided into several categories in the front end. This contributes to a high level of flexibility and increased visitor friendliness. The latter in particular is also encouraged by the numerous language packages in the program. Its simple operation, which can be learned quickly, as well as the numerous possible uses make Drupal attractive not only for well-known websites. In addition to Greenpeace, the White House in Washington uses this content management system.


Even if content can be implemented comparatively easily in the back-end of Drupal, the range of functions is only sparse. Also, as with other content management systems, the front and back end are usually not separated, but rather linked by the same template. Anyone who already has experience with other CMS will find it difficult to use this element at first. Updates can only be installed manually and by uploading them to the server beforehand.
Another disadvantage is the own taxonomy system that, due to its complexity, requires a lot of experience and specialist knowledge. CMS users with other experience in particular have to be prepared for exceptions compared to the other common programs.


Drupal actually summarizes itself especially for company websites that have a high number of users and are therefore dependent on the existence of numerous user rights. Due to its constant reliability and robustness, even with high visitor numbers, the system is also suitable for content-rich pages with constantly growing content.

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