Online trading is booming and the number of internet purchases is increasing every year. Reliable and well-structured software is behind all online shops: the shop systems. In this article we get to the bottom of the various programs and clarify the most important questions. So if you’ve always wanted to know what exactly a shop system is, then you’ve come to the right place. We not only shed light on the most important facts, but also compare the eight best-known shop systems with each other. In the end, you can better decide which program suits your online shop better.

What is a shop system and who needs it?

To successfully set up an online shop, the classic ones are enough Content management systems long gone. Not only from a technical, but also from a legal point of view, the requirements for a web shop are significantly higher. In order to regulate all functions and processes within an online shop, operators are increasingly turning to specialized shop systems. Depending on the version, these programs can be responsible for managing the website or for further activities such as logistics.

The main task of the shop systems is usually to set up and maintain the web shop. Such software regulates all steps from the presentation of the products to the purchase transaction with the customer. The payment process and customer service can also be regulated with the help of such software.

On the shop system market there are, in addition to many paid versions, programs that are made available by their developers free of charge. Here, however, support is usually chargeable. In order to comply with the various legal aspects, the production companies mostly sell their shop systems in regional versions. In this way, every web shop can find the program that is individually suitable and tailored to its market.

Comparison of the 8 best-known shop systems

The number of available shop systems on the market is huge. We introduce you to the eight most famous ones and let you compete against each other in a direct comparison.

handling Extensions Special features Open source option fitness
Magento Complex, less suitable for beginners Numerous, including interfaces to SEO and marketing promotions Many language settings, multi-shop compatible Yes Small and medium-sized web shops
Shopware easy Over 1,000 Pre-installed templates, self-explanatory back-end Yes any size of company, especially for beginners
Gambioshop Complicated back end, long loading times Numerous, regularly new extensions Coupons, article reviews, SEO interfaces Yes with a one-time license fee of 150 EUR Small and medium-sized web shops
Prestashop Simple, slim system structure Numerous, regularly new extensions Over 63 language settings Yes International projects
Shopify Easy, quick installation Numerous, including interfaces to Google Analytics and MailChimp Mobile use via app Yes Online shops with less content
Oxide shop Medium complexity Numerous, especially many marketing tools Technical support with German quality Yes Medium-sized online shops, especially in the EU market
WordPress with WooCommerce easy Numerous, many layouts and pre-installed templates Extension of the CMS WordPress Yes Online shops designed for the US market
xt: Commerce Medium complexity Numerous, many pre-installed templates Large selection of add-ons, interfaces to SEO No Small and medium-sized web shops

If you want to find out more about the individual shop systems, simply click on the name of the respective program in the table. You will then be forwarded directly to the relevant article.


Since the requirements for an online shop vary due to various parameters such as size, orientation or product quantity, it is important for each operator to find the individually suitable shop system. In the course of this, you can generally contest the selection by answering the following questions.

First of all, the operator should clarify how much budget is available. Most shop systems can be downloaded free of charge, but there are usually ongoing costs due to chargeable extensions. It should also be borne in mind that some programs require technical expertise. If the operator does not have this himself, he has to fall back on experts. In addition to the considerable time, this also means another cost factor. Overall, it must also be noted that the shop systems market is often switched from free programs or features to chargeable ones.

As you can see, it is not easy to find the right shop system. Since such a program also makes a significant contribution to the company’s success, it is therefore all the more important to obtain sufficient information for a decision or to rely on expert opinions.

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