When looking for the right shop system, many online shop operators quickly come across the Gambioshop software. If you’ve always wanted to know what makes this program so special, then you should read on now. In this article we not only explain what a shop system is, but also highlight the advantages and disadvantages of Gambioshop in addition to the facts.

What do I need a shop system for?

Anyone who has ever shopped on the Internet knows the mostly smooth and fast processing of online shops. In order for the customer to experience a beautiful presentation of the individual products and a flawless purchase experience in the front end, the operator usually has to do a lot of work in the back end. Most online shops use a shop system. Such software supports the operator in the implementation of the individual work steps from setting the products to the payment process and customer service. Since the market is teeming with shop systems, today we want to introduce you to the Gambioshop software in more detail.

Gambioshop – you have to know that

Gambioshop was developed in 2004 and is based on xt: Commerce 3 and is currently available in the Gambio GX3 version. The program can basically be downloaded as an open source solution, but the developers charge a one-time license fee of just under € 150. The program has already been downloaded more than 10,000 times and, thanks to its many interfaces, is an attractive solution for the right shop system, especially for small and medium-sized companies.


Since the development and support departments of the software work closely together, users benefit from new extensions and optimizations of the program. Among other things, features for coupons and article reviews and the usability of SEO settings have already come about. The fact that it has its own content management system and a well-developed web interface are also great advantages of Gambio. The software is very popular thanks to its compatibility with common payment systems and its link to well-known marketplaces. In addition to its simple handling and administration, the program has also developed into a very user-oriented shop system.


Like every shop system, Gambioshop also has some pitfalls. Its complicated and less structured backend in particular is often denounced as a major disadvantage. However, if you can overlook this problem after a certain period of experience, you will often still be at odds with the slow loading time of the software. Due to the large amount of data transmitted by the program, it often works more slowly than comparable shop systems. This can often not only lead to a low ranking factor, but also to a poor conversion rate and thus represents the greatest weakness of the software.

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