Do you want to build a financial foothold with the help of an online shop and the sale of products and are you still looking for the right software from the countless offers? In this article we will introduce you to the Magento shop system in more detail.

What do I need a shop system for?

If you sell your own or external products online want, a website with an integrated online shop is usually part of the basic equipment. In order for your company to run smoothly, it is important to build on suitable software. Such software is called a shop system. The shop system regulates everything in the background of your website, from the presentation of your products, through the order and contract processing, to the sale and payment process. So it is of great importance for the success of your shop to decide on the individually correct shop system.

Magento – you have to know that

Magento is one of the world’s best-known shop systems and has been on the market since 2008. It is now used by around 100,000 online shops. Teams of experts work continuously on improvements and extensions to the system. The shop system has become so popular because of its countless possible variations and its high level of scalability.
The basic version is available to customers as an open source solution, while the extended software pack “MagentoGo” can be used for a monthly fee.


Now that you know the most important facts about Magento, we want to show you what advantages the use of this shop system can have for you:

MAGENTO offers
– a future-proof shop system
– several language settings
– the possibility of building multishops
– many different system extensions
– an individual and adaptable scalability
– the possibility of setting up interfaces to SEO, e-commerce, marketing promotion, etc.


Despite its many advantages, the shop system also has to struggle with some obstacles when using it:

– is comparatively expensive
– has the disadvantage that installation and use require certain programming skills
– has a high system complexity, which is especially critical for beginners
– has the problem that maintenance and ongoing operation are very labor-intensive and time-consuming

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