We have countless numbers of them on our smartphones, tablets and notebooks: apps.
Your ease of use and your character to make everyday life easier are what make you so popular. So why not get creative yourself. Earning money with your own app is not that difficult. In addition to the various options, you will also find tips and tricks on what you should pay attention to when implementing your own app.

Before we go into more detail about how making money with your own app, you should first know what different options there are.

Earn money with your own app – the different options

If you use an app online income you usually have 5 main ways in which you can make your app profitable.

Paid app

Apparently the easiest way to earn money with your own app is to only reimburse the download for a fee. However, since statistically a lot more free apps are downloaded, it is sometimes more desirable to use one of the other methods.


Freemium describes apps that can initially be downloaded free of charge, but that have chargeable upgrades. The app consists of two parts, the basic and the extension version. Users can only use the app in the basic version, but are limited here by, for example, slower speed, fewer functions or increased advertising. The paid upgrade alone can improve the structure and content of the app and earn money from it.

In-app purchase

With this variant, too, the download is initially free of charge. As a developer, you earn money by allowing users to buy something within your app. This is often very common in gaming apps. Accessories for the game character or aids for coping with levels can often be purchased there on a voluntary basis. It is important here to set up the app in such a way that users see a great benefit in purchasing additional features.

In-app advertisement

Most free apps use this form of monetization. The use of the app remains completely free of charge for the user. As a developer, it is possible to earn money with your own app by placing advertisements and banners from other companies within your app. Often the pay-per-click system is used for billing. However, since users click on the built-in links less and less frequently and the system is consequently only successful to a limited extent, this variant is becoming increasingly less important.

trial version

With the trial version, users can download the app and then use it free of charge for a set period of time. After the deadline, the app can only be used further if the user purchases it.

Tips and tricks for earning money with your own app

Before you launch your own app, you should think carefully about the added value you want to offer. If your app cannot offer users something long-term, such as help, fun or the like, it will quickly be forgotten or even deleted. Especially nowadays, when everything is very fast moving, you should regularly provide your users with new features. Also think carefully about which areas of your app should be chargeable. Basic options should always be freely available, while you can charge a fee for extensions.
Always keep in mind that an app works very differently than a website. Too much information or advertising can have a much more daunting effect on an app than online.

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