Founding a startup is not easy. Because if there is one thing that is particularly important in addition to passion, motivation and a tough work ethic, then it is probably the one brilliant idea. The right innovative thought at the right time probably plays the biggest role when it comes to a startup’s potential for success.

If you also get stuck right here, then this article is the right place for you.

Founding a startup – when it’s worth it

Founding a startup is not the right path to success for everyone. Because such a step can harbor various opportunities and risks that you as a founder should be able to deal with. Which exactly are we explain here:


Startups often have a family character. Often you work with a few other people. Everyone knows each other, everyone pulls together and pursues the same goals. Communication and decision-making channels as well as hierarchies are often kept short and flat.

The working atmosphere is often characterized by pressure but also understanding, as everyone agrees on the price of success and you want to achieve something together as a team. But such appreciation and recognition are often very important in startups.


The other side of the coin also shows that working in startups is characterized by various dangers. Especially at the beginning, a lot of effort, little free time and a lot of overtime are required. Pay and income are initially poor and it can take a long period of time before the first success is achieved.

In addition, new founders also have to withstand their own expectations and external pressure to achieve the desired success. Often great competition and the lack of certainty of success often put big obstacles in the way of startups.

This is how you find ideas for founding a startup

If you don’t want to come up with an idea for your own business, then this 4-step plan may help you:

Find a problem and a suitable solution

Yes, you read that correctly, what we need first of all is a problem. Think about what bothers people around you or what they need. Which of them is not yet available or only in small quantities? Can you maybe save time with an innovative idea? Do you have an idea for something incredibly practical? With these questions you will ultimately find a solution to exactly this problem. It doesn’t always have to be a product. Services can also be the basis for a startup.

The easiest way to find out something like this is to get in direct contact with the people around you. Ask exactly what is bothering them or what they need. But just observing your environment can help you with brainstorming.

Recognize potential

Now that you have found an idea, you should consider the potential behind it. Do you think there are many people who have this problem? Is it worth spending money on the solution? What development opportunities does your idea have?

But you should also be concerned about the market. For example, about how much competition you will have or which target group you need to address and how. But it is also worth thinking about possible alternatives for your startup.

Calculate the chances of success

The main aim of the chances of success is to determine how profitable your startup is. To do this, you need data on costs and revenues. While the costs are still relatively easy to calculate, you have to think more carefully about the profits. For what price do you want to offer your product or service? Where can you buy raw materials and resources at the cheapest price? Do you need employees right from the start? Do you want to outsource manufacturing processes or services?
The more precisely the numbers you determine here, the lower the risk is later when you turn your startup idea into reality.

Plan success strategy

Ultimately, of course, everything depends on the right strategy. You can only build your startup on a solid framework if you think carefully about how best to get there and what measures need to be taken to achieve this.

To do this, you should primarily think about the financing. How much capital is required not only in the beginning but also in the long term and where do you get it from?
But also the scalability and the right platform for customer acquisition should be part of a sophisticated business plan.

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