You want to build your own website and now host it. But how does it work and what do you have to consider? We put together a great overview in the article and then tell you at the end what you should do best.

Overview: Host your own website

If you want to host your own website, you will find a large number of offers, some of which hardly differ from each other. But you should know exactly what to expect in each package. We’ll explain it to you in a nutshell. Otherwise you could make wrong decisions and end up spending too much money.

Homepage construction kits

As the term “construction kit” reveals, it is a kind of software with which you can put together your own website quite easily. You can set it up quickly and it’s reasonably priced. However, you have very limited options. See our A for more Article on the website construction kit.

Shared hosting

This is the most common and cheapest form of web hosting. You can find this in pretty much any web project that is not very complex. You are on a server with many others and share performance and resources. This is the cheap variant of web hosting.

Virtual server

With virtual hosting, you also share a server with other users. However, the individual services are more strictly separated from one another. So you have firmly committed to a certain part. Of course, this also costs a little more.

Dedicated server

Dedicated servers guarantee you full control over the server system and thus the web hosting project. So you rent a complete server on your own. You always have full power.

Managed server

Here you also rent a complete server, but this requires specialist knowledge and a lot of time in terms of maintenance. But if you are dependent on it because of high complexity or high visitor numbers, the provider will take care of the maintenance of the server for you.

Cloud server

You will find under the term that you are provided with unlimited resources. A single website accesses several server systems that are connected in series. However, this is also more expensive because you pay according to performance. This procedure is still quite new.


WordPress hosting

Many pages run under the CMS WordPress which market leader is currently. There are special WordPress hosters for this. All-Inkl offers, for example, a dedicated WordPress solution with automatic installation. This is also where we started at Projektify. You can host your site here for as little as 4.95 per month.

There are also raid boxes that specialize in WordPress. Here you have more functions such as backups etc. but of course also higher costs. Strato and 1 & 1 also offer packages for in some cases from 2.99 euros. Meanwhile Projektify is at Mittwald, which offer for the smallest package for 16.99 euros. Here you will find a developer account and automatic backups. In our opinion, it is very suitable if you develop a lot yourself.

Practical tip for the beginning

Most of the time you start and want to keep some flexibility open to start with. We therefore recommend that you opt for the all-inclusive provider for 4.95 euros per month as a compromise. It is also worthwhile if someone sells a website to you that you then move it to your web space there and initially take no risk with hosting the website.

Recommendation: All-inclusive private package


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