Do you work in the IT industry and are you very familiar with your field? But when it comes to tax matters, do you have the feeling that you can no longer see the forest for the trees? Exactly for this reason it can be helpful to invest in IT tax consultancy!

In which areas can IT tax advice help?

But which areas of IT can an expert help? Which areas are closely related to tax issues?

Many companies and freelancers ask themselves exactly these questions again and again. In order to first clarify whether IT tax advice is even an option for you, we have therefore created this overview.
The following service providers should definitely consider investing in such advice:

– Manufacturer of software solutions
– IT consulting company
– hardware manufacturer
– programmer
– IT project planner and trainer
– distributors

Your job or your company falls under one of these areas? Then you can now find out how an IT tax consultancy can help you.

IT tax advice for companies

IT tax advice is particularly interesting for companies because associated experts can provide help on a wide range of legal, economic, tax, financial and organizational issues. More precisely, a consultant can be active in the areas of taxes, auditing, controlling, industry-specific solutions, management consulting, financial services, business start-ups and, in some cases, also in questions specifically related to IT law.

IT tax advice for freelancers

But freelancers can also benefit from IT tax advice. Even if the tax and legal obligations here differ greatly from those of companies, a tax advisor can still, especially with the
Income surplus calculation, the
Financial and payroll accounting, the
VAT returns or the filling out and processing of tax forms.

Since, in contrast to companies, freelancers are exempt from issues such as double-entry bookkeeping, asset valuations, balance sheets and annual financial statements, completely new questions often arise, especially for self-employed persons who come from a permanent employment relationship. In order to get everything right from the start, IT tax advice is often a sensible investment.

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