Regardless of whether for retirement or for one or the other dream: If you only spend money instead of saving it or investing it profitably, you are guaranteed not to get richer – at least not when it comes to it Finances . Money is not everything, but it can of course be helpful. But many out there, and maybe you too, rightly ask the question of how you can still invest your money profitably and, above all, safely in times of low interest rates.

Still bad interest rates

Neither in the overnight money account nor in the good old savings book, there is still so much interest that you could make a lot of money out of little. Of course, there are still securities that are definitely justified in the form of reputable equity funds and generate decent income in the long term, depending on the amount of the investment. And real estate – of course there is still that. But let’s be honest: Very few people will be able to afford such a condominium, which then, if you please, will yield enough basic rent. So where is the real one alternative at low interest rates? If you read on, we’ll tell you!

Website as an investment

Haven’t done a great deal of web projects yet? But then let’s go! On Projektify you will find a lot of important and interesting information on the topic and at the same time you can browse through current advertisements from website operators who want to sell their site.

In a nutshell: By monetizing a website using so-called affiliate links (more on this in our other blog articles) and performance advertising, it generates money through visitors. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be an online shop where you would of course have a lot of work to do with shipping the goods. Instead, niche sites, such as information portals on specific topics, are also good opportunities to sustainable income to generate – that is passive . Although building a page up to a healthy level of traffic, which generates sales at all, is tedious, as an investor you can of course put yourself in the nest and take over a web project for a certain price.

Calculation example

For example, if you buy an existing website for around 10,000 euros, you can expect it to generate 300 to 400 euros per month. And now think about how much money you would have to pay for a condominium in order to 300 to 400 euros return per month to generate. With other forms of investment, the relative return is based on the Low interest rates , turn out to be even lower.

Inform first, then invest money

Before you buy the first web project you should, however, you should study the matter in depth. True are Niche sites and Co a quite safe form of investment, as you can of course sell them again at any time (for example with Projektify), but you shouldn’t just jump into the deep end, of course. In the Projektify blog you will find a lot of information with which you can easily get started with the topic. Just click your way through!


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