Regardless of whether for retirement or for one or the other dream: If you only spend money instead of saving it or investing it profitably, you are guaranteed not to get richer – at least not when it comes to it Finances . Money is not everything, but it can of course be helpful. But many out there, and maybe you too, rightly ask the question of how you can still invest your money profitably and, above all, safely in times of low interest rates. Still bad interest rates Neither in the overnight money account nor in the good old savings book, there is still so much interest that you could make a lot of money out of little. Of course, there are still securities that are definitely justified in the form of reputable equity funds and generate decent income in the long term, depending on the amount of the…

They are becoming more and more numerous and popular: e-books. In this article we want to explain to you how you can earn money with your own e-book and tips on how to proceed from the idea to the finished manuscript. How can I make money with an e-book? The basic idea behind an e-book is usually to create added value for other people by passing on and analyzing one’s own knowledge or experiences and, in the best case, to be able to earn money with this e-book. In the following we will show you what you should pay attention to when creating an e-book. 1. Look for exciting topics and set realistic goals Before you just start writing, you should first take the time to find topics that interest you personally and where you can imagine filling an entire book. A lack of passion in writing your e-book is…

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