They are becoming more and more numerous and popular: e-books. In this article we want to explain to you how you can earn money with your own e-book and tips on how to proceed from the idea to the finished manuscript.

How can I make money with an e-book?

The basic idea behind an e-book is usually to create added value for other people by passing on and analyzing one’s own knowledge or experiences and, in the best case, to be able to earn money with this e-book. In the following we will show you what you should pay attention to when creating an e-book.

1. Look for exciting topics and set realistic goals

Before you just start writing, you should first take the time to find topics that interest you personally and where you can imagine filling an entire book. A lack of passion in writing your e-book is not only torture for you, but also uninteresting for potential buyers.

Once you’ve found a good topic, you should set realistic goals for creating it. Even an e-book is not written overnight and planning in stages is more advisable than thinking about the last chapter.

2. Define target group and find added value

Now comes the point where you should ask yourself who you want to address your work to. What is your target group particularly interested in and how do you write in a suitable style? Answering these questions and thoughts about the nature of the added value should be high on your to-do list. Do you only want to report to your readers from your point of view and leave space for your own interpretation or do you immediately give recommendations for action? Depending on what suits the topic and target group better, the right decision can have a major impact on how successfully you will earn money with your e-book.

3. Plan and validate

If you have successfully worked through all of the previous points, it can now be more specific. However, before you plan every chapter down to the smallest detail, you should consider having your idea validated first. This means that you can use a platform, e.g. MailChimp, created a landing page on which you explain your idea and give other users the opportunity to register for your e-book in advance. This gives you an overview of how great the interest is in your idea and, if necessary, you can refine your plan again before you move on to the next step in planning.

4. Put thoughts into words

In the last step of the implementation, it really only means to start with the written part, which will probably take the most time. It’s best to start writing until you get a feel for what sounds good and how you can proceed in a more structured manner. After that, it is important that you stick with it and, above all, remain authentic. In addition, you should try to work as distraction and interruption-free as possible, so that your work can be read fluently and is of good enough quality so that you can earn money with your e-book.

5. Make money with your own e-book

Your finished work is ready to download. But how do you get there now passive income ? You can decide for yourself whether you would prefer to offer your e-book for sale on your own website or whether you want to market it on one of numerous platforms, such as Since you do not have to deal with the sales process or legal provisions yourself on sales portals, a commission is usually due in return.

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