Are you playing with the idea of founding an Internet startup? Then you can find out here what is important! We have put together the basics for you, how you can recognize whether an idea has potential and how to proceed correctly to lead your project to success.

Internet startup creation – the most important basics

What is actually important when founding an Internet startup? How do I know if my idea is good? Should I do the project alone or does it make sense to share risk and work? How do I find financial support? Question after question that often keeps motivated aspiring entrepreneurs awake. But it doesn’t have to be, because the following basics can be used to quickly find answers.

How to start

If you are toying with the idea of establishing an Internet startup, three things are particularly important: A good idea, a motivated team and financial support. These are, so to speak, the 3 pillars of an Internet startup without which nothing works. This is exactly why you, as the founder, should always be able to answer all these questions with a clear “YES” before you start.

  • Am I convinced enough of my idea myself?
  • Is it worth it to me to invest time and work and maybe to cut back on other things?
  • Do I have a team that stands behind me and is just as convinced of my idea?
  • Am I ready to spend a lot of time with this team?
  • Do I have enough financial background to manage my project?

Does my idea have potential?

If the three pillars of your internet startup are in place, you should think about how valuable your idea is. Because a lot of people have good ideas, but don’t necessarily implement them. Or your idea already exists several times, just in a modified form. So before you get started, it makes sense to scour the web and see how big and, above all, how developed the competition is. You can then weight your idea according to various points in order to assess the potential. Such points can be, for example:

  • Own enthusiasm
  • Business models
  • Financial needs
  • Market size
  • required team size
  • national and international competition
  • Risk and opportunity
  • existing market analyzes

As an addendum, it can be said that it always makes sense to have several ideas in the bag. Relying on one concept alone can be very risky.

Solo or team player?

This question is relatively easy to answer because a strong network can never be a disadvantage. Support is always good. But it is important that your team is just as convinced of the idea as you are. Because you can’t really afford to be half-hearted on the way to founding an Internet startup.

The best thing to do is to put together a team of people with a wide range of skills. After all, you need an expert in finance, design, marketing and sales, as well as process optimization.

Of course, many founders cannot afford to hire employees immediately. This is exactly why it is important to establish contacts before founding the Internet startup, where you can knock on the door regularly whenever you need help in the individual areas.

How do I get financial support?

Finally, of course, financing is also a very important point. Even when founding an Internet startup, nothing usually works without money. It is not at all easy to infect potential investors with your own convictions and to win them over to your side.

If you don’t know anyone personally, you have the opportunity to find investors through channels such as business angels or crowdfunding. Government funding or startup competitions are also good options. If you want to find out more about possible ways of financing, then click here .


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