Founding a startup requires an innovative idea and a lot of courage as well as a well thought-out concept. The first steps have a decisive influence on the growth of your business.

Many start-ups often fail when it comes to getting started. The question of the HOW is often a big obstacle in the room. There are some good steps you can take to set up a start-up step by step.

First steps if you want to found a start-up

The success stories of megacorporations such as Facebook, Microsoft and Co. are present to us every day. But people like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates have also dared to take their first steps and started small with a start-up.

Step into the shoes of a founder

Setting up a start-up is no picnic. It means a lot of hard work, enormous pressure, and sometimes solving a lot of problems, especially in the early days. As a young entrepreneur, you have to be able to cope with this stress. Many therefore speak of the so-called Founding gene that describes exactly this ability. So if you don’t feel able to take on that much responsibility or you are more of the worker type, then you’d better reconsider starting a business.

The idea as a foundation

Your idea and the concept you are passionate about are the main engine of your start-up. After all, this is where the decision is made as to whether your company can be successful or not. You don’t necessarily have to develop something completely new. Many start-ups owe their success to a niche in the market or to copying business ideas that have already been tested for success.

All that matters is that you yourself are one hundred percent convinced of your idea. After all, you have to be able to pass this passion on to your customers, business partners and possibly also when pitching.

The right concept & the right type of business

The right concept first of all includes checking whether the planned idea has a demand and a market at all. Only then can your start-up also achieve economic success in the future. You should then draw up a business plan not only for potential investors, but also for yourself. Plan the realization of your start-up as precisely as possible in order to avoid surprises later. At the same time, be aware that a lot can still change in the implementation phase. So don’t get too insistent on your original plans. Be open to different paths and use your concept primarily as a guide.

Good financing

Also the financing plays a crucial role in founding a start-up. There are many ways to get the capital you need. In addition to the classic loan from a bank, you can also look for business partners, ask family and friends for money, become part of a crowdfunding campaign or finance your start-up yourself. It is only important that you choose the financing that also corresponds to your goals and at the same time can be realized for your project. If you find the benefits that you receive from a business partner to be more valuable than the portion of the profit that you lose as a result, you should definitely bring one on board. Or maybe you are more of a loner and prefer to take things into your own hands? Self-financing may be more tedious and harder. At the same time, however, all freedom of choice lies with you. Ultimately, you only have to pay out the winnings to yourself.

Maintaining relationships

Good relationships are extremely important as the owner of a start-up. Knowing successful and powerful people from the business world and maybe even forming friendships or partnerships can open many doors for you. Such relationships often give a lot of added value without you having to do a lot for it. Try to regularly make new contacts and put out your feelers at trade fairs, seminars and the like. But don’t forget to keep these relationships alive afterward.

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