Do you want to build your own company and are you wondering how you can manage this plan financially? Find out more about the various options for start-up financing here.

The possibilities of start-up financing

If founders often have to deal with one problem, it is funding. Many know the difficulties of finding an investor or convincing banks of their own business plan. However, not all of them go the classic route of loan inquiries. In order to support you on your way to becoming a financing partner, we have therefore summarized the most common start-up financing options for you.

Bank loan

As already mentioned, a loan from a financial institution is the classic way to get start-up financing. To get one from the bank, you need a good idea as well as a smart business plan. On the other hand, anyone who does not make any statements to the bank about the company’s likely chances usually has bad cards for support.

Private loan

If the bank denies you financial help, you can also get support from family, friends, acquaintances or business partners. Since inconsistencies can often arise in retrospect, it is advisable to draw up loan agreements that contain all the necessary conditions.

Any interest can often even be deducted from tax as business expenses.

Seller Loans

If you don’t want to build a company but want to buy it, you can also benefit from a loan from the seller. If the seller agrees to a subordinated loan, this form of loan can even be valued as equity. This means that in the event of bankruptcy, the seller will only get the debt replaced after all other creditors.


Another option for external funding is grants. This form of start-up financing is awarded by the federal, state and local governments. But the European Union also has numerous funding programs.

In contrast to a bank loan, this money does not earn interest, nor does it have to be repaid. Because of this, the requests for such grants are correspondingly high, which makes it not so easy to receive this grant.

Venture capital

Finally, there is equity capital. There are external investors who provide you with capital without collateral from you. There are two options, silent and open participation. In the case of a silent partnership, the partner must make a contribution. However, he does not receive any shares or a share in the assets, but he is paid a percentage of the profit. Open investments, on the other hand, allow the investor to act as a partner. This also means that he must be involved in all rights and obligations.

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