Building a startup is a lot of fun and excitement. At the same time, however, it also means that as a founder you expose yourself to a great risk. After all, it is often about the entrepreneur’s existence that is at stake. Especially in the online area where there are many traps and problems can arise quickly, founders do well to get help in the form of online startup advice.

Tips to keep in mind when setting up a business

The initial phase in particular is often bursting with energy and motivation. Young entrepreneurs want to get started right away and are happy to let the right planning be sanded down a bit. In order to avoid stupid mistakes and still be able to get started quickly, we have therefore collected a few important tips for you.

Share your idea

Many young entrepreneurs shy away from expressing their startup idea out loud before the whole planning has become a bit more concrete. Too great the fear that someone might talk badly or even steal the idea. With most of those who act like this, it often turns out that they are not one hundred percent convinced of their idea themselves. But how can you build a successful online business and win customers if you probably wouldn’t buy the product yourself?

The best idea doesn’t always spring to mind and it’s not always an innovation. But what is much more important is that you are passionate about your product or service. Even if it’s only the tenth inspiration after all. After all, it doesn’t matter that you’re the first on the market. If you want to be successful, you just have to be the best. Facebook was certainly not the first social network either, but it was the best for a long time. Sharing your idea not only shows conviction, but can certainly open some doors for you.

Make a plan

As annoying as it may seem, drawing up a structured plan is essential. Think carefully about what your business model should look like. Find a name, reserve a domain and think about the target group. Then you can go into more detail. Make sketches of the individual pages of your website, write down what highlights your product or service and why the customer should buy it. You will also find out more details on this point here .

Be open to change

Even if the tenth inspiration sounded promising to you. In practice it often turns out that not all that glitters is gold after all. But that doesn’t mean your startup has to fail. Young companies often develop extremely in the early stages. You might start out as a programming course salesperson and eventually end up as a management consultant in this field. Stay open to change, as your initial plan rarely turns out to be one hundred percent.

Finding Investors

Finally, of course, it is also essential to find the right investors. There are so many different ways to finance your startup that you can quickly become overwhelmed by the abundance of offers. As a founder, how should you know which financial strategy best suits your company and how you can even get credit? You can find out more about this topic in one of our other articles, just click here .

In general, you should plan more time looking for investors than you initially expect. People or companies with money do not wait for you and first of all want to be convinced of your idea. This also means that you first plan a so-called “runway”. This corresponds to the amount of time it will take for your startup to make a profit. Be generous, because experience has shown that most founders plan far too gullible here. Finally, depending on this, you should plan your budget needs. So you can give investors an overview. They can see at a glance whether your needs meet their expectations. In this way, decisions can be made much faster and you save wasted time on hopeless pitches.

How do I make sure to implement these tips well?

Sure, the tips sound easier than they can be implemented. And especially as a beginner, you often don’t know where to start planning and implementing. This is exactly why it is usually advisable to rely on the help of professionals. Even if the investment for an online startup consultation may seem high at first, if you really want it and mean it, then you can take a lot with you. Especially when it comes to avoiding mistakes that could have a major financial impact, it is sometimes better to invest a little from the start in order to avoid the very large sums later.

Online startup advice at Projektify

You want to get professional help from a startup consultation, but you don’t know who to turn to? Projektify has the service “ Start-up advice online “was launched, which you can now use. But that’s not the only thing. If you have even more questions, such as financial, legal or tax issues, then you are welcome to use our other services. It’s this way for that!


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