Experts repeatedly advise that an optimized page speed is essential for SEO success. But how important is a short loading time and what influence does it have on search engine optimization?

The duration of the loading time is considered to be fast, however, differs enormously in the network. Some speak of a fast page speed if it satisfies the user. Others, however, juggle exact numbers between 1.5 and 3 seconds for a page to download.
We want to try to shed some light on you with this article. Therefore, in the following we will clarify, among other things, the relationship between page speed and the Google ranking. But also how you can most easily achieve an optimized page speed for SEO success.

How important is an optimized page speed for SEO success?

Since the satisfaction of users often depends to a large extent on how quickly they are provided with Google search results during research, Google decided in 2010 to include the loading time in the SEO ranking.
This decision has proven to be the right one, especially due to the increased mobile use via smartphones and the like.
So that everyone is able to implement an optimized page speed for SEO success, Google has therefore developed the in-house Page Speed Tool. Website operators can evaluate the loading time of their homepage and increase the traffic on their own site with the help of an optimization.

Correlation between Page Speed and Google Ranking

For 8 years now, Google has listed Page Speed as its own ranking factor. No wonder, since the duration of the loading time also has a major impact on the site’s traffic and customer satisfaction. Experts have therefore made this factor an increasingly important parameter over the years.

Whether this high categorization is justified is sometimes under widespread doubts. This is mainly due to the fact that Google only gives vague information in the exact description of Page Speed. So Google only ranks the loading time that is required to load a website on the server, but not the duration of the crawl through the Google bot.

Measures to optimize the loading time for SEO success

In order to achieve better performance in the SEO area, we will now show you some tips and tricks on how you can shorten the loading time of your page.

HTTP / 2

If you are already using SSL encryption, it may make sense for you to switch to HTTP / 2. The new internet protocol prevents individual data from being loaded one after the other. In this way, unnecessary delays are easily reduced.

Gzip compression

If your site meets the technical requirements for gzip compression, this can be a good option for you. In order to reduce the volume of data transferred, content is compressed before it is sent.

Javascript files

Another possibility for optimization is the outsourcing of Javascript files. Because these usually only unnecessarily lengthen the HTML code. Another disadvantage is that they have to be downloaded again and again each time a URL linked to the domain is called up.
To avoid this problem, it makes sense to store the Javascript files in one or more scripts. So you can easily reduce the loading time of your own website.

Image size

Unadjusted images often play a decisive role in slow page speeds. Many website operators only scale their images. As a result, the graphics are scaled down in HTML or CSS code, but still loaded in their original size.
It is therefore worthwhile to always set the images in the size in which they should ultimately be displayed to the visitor.


Users of WordPress sites in particular often have a large collection of plug-ins that can extremely slow down the loading time. So you should always question the functionality and benefits of each additional plug-in and decide exactly which of these tools you really need.

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